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Male. Lives in NA,  Yakyakistan,  Beyond Equestria. Born on October 16, 1996
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LGBTQ+ Ponies
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus rode on the back of a large moving rock that was moving toward the pony. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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Pillow Top
Update on the previous status update, currently still WIP. Sorry, I havent been frequently updating ^^;, just working around life, and i only get a few hours a week to really sit down alone and work o...View More
Pillow Top
added new photo album "wips etc"
wips etc,
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//Current progress, check my previous status update to be included in this little project. I'll most likely keep updating/removing this until its 100%
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Pillow Top
//Practicing and doodling ponies/other characters. All will just be basic colored/toned headshots/busts, Just need a char ref and your pick (1 Letter A-D , 1 number 1-4 , Ex: C3,B4,A3 ). Figured, I'll...View More
Alphonse LaChance
Could I do A-4?
Nitro Lionheart
Can I get a D-1?
Charmy Glow
May I have D-4?
"DANG IT! YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!" he exclaimed, almost flipping the table
Charmy Glow
He stares in shock for a moment then laughs. “Oh boy, didn’t realize it was that type of game!”
Ephemeria Spring
Nitro Lionheart
b-4! (Not requesting again just being funny.)
Could I still call C1? :3
Pillow Top
//So excited to get my new laptop finally and to have my tablet cooperate with me. Guess I gotta try and learn this all over again, couldnt help to get a little lazy, gotta try to find a program simil...View More
//Too cute
Aurora Borealis
Omfg he’s adorable
"Look so soft and cuddly"
An Adorable Boi
(So cute
Oh lord. Look at the blep. heart pls
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