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Scruffy Landrum

Male. Lives in Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on September 13, 1984
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Schwoopy Tail
 liked this.
Scruffy Landrum
//Schwoopy? Like, the Schwoopy from back in the day? I was honestly not expecting to see anyone from PS on here. At least not someone I remember. How have you been?
Schwoopy Tail
There was only really one person with a name this stupid going around. That’s said there’s quite a bit of people from PS here if you look enough. Snow Storm and Comp are both staff here and they’re were active back there. Life’s good. Doing great.
Scruffy Landrum
That's good to hear. It was quite a shock to see that PS shut down. This site looks nearly identical to it.
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