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Octavia Philharmonica

Other. Lives in Canterlot,  Equestria. Born on October 30, 1997
Earth Pony
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Octavia Philharmonica
shared a song from their album "Short Tunes".
Evangaline Serendipity
This is the vibe. Where can I download this tune?
Octavia Philharmonica
Octavia Philharmonica
A curse upon you, sorrow fall thick and fast. Your days have been numbered each hour your last. May the land,sea or sky turn to swallow you whole and forer' ner' forget what you stole
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"First of all, okay? Rude?"
Sky pirate will fight the sky.
Magnolia Holiday
“Oh, I love this! Death curses are just so sweet-sounding.”
"Damn ye! Let Neptune strike ye dead, Octavia! Hark! Hark, Triton. Hark! Bellow, bid our father, the sea king, rise from the depths, full foul in his fury, black waves teeming with salt-foam, to smother this young mouth with pungent slime, to choke ye, engorging your organs till ye turn blue and blo...View More
Octavia Philharmonica
I'm actually surprised how many ponies know this ><
Octavia Philharmonica
I've been thinking of putting more live recordings up but I'm not sure.
Octavia Philharmonica
shared a song from their album "Moonlight EP".
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Octavia Philharmonica
shared a song from their album "Deep Space".
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Octavia Philharmonica
Rps are open ^^
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Octavia Philharmonica
Sigh.. "The burden of boredom."
"I feel you."
Octavia Philharmonica
I do suppose its not completely terrible.
Charlie Blaze
"Couldn't be any more relatable"
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