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Prince Solaris
by on August 22, 2019
Tonight was Solaris' turn to guard the Artemis Bow, having placed it in a small, hidden room with only one way in or out. There was just enough room for himself, the bow and maybe one other creature. Solaris sat across from the bow, his eyes closed as he meditated. Well, attempted to meditate, anyways. His body language showed that he was exhausted and the way his face looked made it seem like he was in slight pain. The room was eerily silent, not even an echo traveled down the tunnel that lead into the room. That is, until a familiar voice spoke out.
"Why are you doing this to us..?" said Sunbreaker, his voice akin to Sol's, but a little deeper with a slight distortion to it.
Solaris didn't respond, merely taking in a deep breath and letting out a small sigh. He wasn't in the mood for this.
"I know you're feeling the same pain I'm feeling, from being this close to the bow."
Still nothing from Solaris.
"Or how about the fact that the bow is draining you? In order for the bow to banish darkness, it needs to consume pure magic. It will consume your magic and it's going to need a lot to kill Torment."
Silence still.
"... Do you not realize what'll happen to me, and to yourself, if you use that bow? You don't want to become a burden on your family, do y-"
"What do you want, Sunbreaker?" Solaris finally spoke up with a sigh.
"Well, I'd rather not become vaporized by the bow, along with your will to seek happiness.. And a plan B in case you constantly feeding the bow leaves you too weak to wield it or you mess up your only shot.."
"... And just what exactly do you propose? I have to be the one to fire the bow. Artemis can't wield it, let alone touch it. Wyatt cancels out magic and I don't trust that so-called Uncle of Lesa's."
"That's your Plan B, that's who will fire the bow, in case you can't."
"No, you idiot.. Lesa!"
Solaris opened his eyes, finding the idea rather.. brilliant, save for a minor detail. "Hmmm.. Lesa is a master archer.. But there's one problem, she's not a unicorn. She has no magic to feed the bow."
"That is true! However, we have a work around for that as well. The bow doesn't have to have magic from a living creature, any source of magic will do, correct?"
"Well, we simply take a charm or pendant or something and fill it up with your magic. Prioritize feeding the item first, then the bow. Hopefully by time the fight happens, the charm will have enough magic stored in it to allow Lesa a good shot."
Solaris would reach up, tapping on his chin, mauling over the suggestion. It seemed like a fairly.. solid plan. He wasn't sure how he felt about putting Lesa in that kind of position, though. Could she even handle the weight that comes with killing?
"Solaris.. She has as much of a right to fight for her family as you do," Sunbreaker points out, sensing Solaris' doubt on the idea, "Your sacrifice alone won't defeat Torment.."
With that said, Solaris was left alone with his thoughts once more. He would slowly raise up from sitting, making his way to the Artemis Bow. Placing his right hoof upon the bow, a soft, subtle hissing could be heard as he flinched subtly. As he made contact with the bow, his mane and tail, slowly stopped flowing and the colors started to fade away, leaving just his signature orange. Before his mane and tail got to that point, though, he lifted his hoof from the bow. He let out a small sigh as his tail and mane regained their magical properties. Turning his back to the bow, he left the room, subtly favoring his front left hoof over his right one.