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Asuka Yakushi
by on August 31, 2019
//This blog is here to help my new storyline to get started. It's a long one so if you plan on reading it i suggest getting some snacks and a drink.
7:45 AM, Vanhoover's industrial district, old Mintford Company Masonry plant, 3rd floor office.
6 stallions stand in the dusty, old office of the long abandoned masonry plant. Two stallions stand across from each other across a table. One wears casual (mostly yellow) street clothes. The other wears an immaculate suit and tie with an expensive looking stetson. Two stallions stand behind the suited stallion each wearing a long trench coat, sunglasses, and fedora. The other two stallions stand at the entrance to the office, both wearing yellow street clothes. Outside of the office 14 stallions dot the plant, all wearing yellow street clothes. Every pony in the building is armed with a firearm.
The silence of the office is broken by the suited stallion. "It's good to see you take security seriously Mr. Calhood." The yellow clothed stallion at the table nods. "Wouldn't want any unexpected visitors would we?" The suited stallion nods. "Of course. Let's cut to the chase, shall we?" The response is a nod. "Good. We both know why we're here. You and your gang want weapons, and we want protection. Do you have the money?" The suited stallion raises an eyebrow as the other places a suitcase onto the table. "Right here. You got the guns?" The suited stallion puts his hoof up. "Let me see the money first, then I'll show you the weapons." The other stallion opens his suitcase revealing a large sum of neatly stacked bits. "Good. As promised, here are your weapons." The suited stallion places two large suitcases onto the table, allowing the other to open them. "Holy shit." Inside each case lies military grade assault rifles, with a few handguns to match. The two exchange their briefcases, both seeming pleased with the trade. "So, all we gotta do is keep your rivals off your backs, and we can do whatever we want with these right?" The yellow stallion asks as he takes one of the rifles out of it's case and begins to load it. "Of course. No strings attached." The suited stallion nods. "Well shit I think we're gonna- " The yellow clothed stallion stops as the sound of multiple vehicles pulling up to the building is heard from outside.
"VANHOOVER POLICE! COME OUT WITH YOU HOOVES UP!" One of the other stallions in the room looks out of the window to see at least 8 police cruisers, and vans surrounding the northern side of the plant. Each cruiser/van with 2-3 armed, and armored police officers taking cover behind them. "I thought you said we wouldn't have any unexpected visitors." The suited stallion seemed more annoyed than alarmed. "How was I supposed to know the police were gonna show up?!" "Then it seems your members either talk too much, or you have a rat in your gang..." The suited stallion sighs. "Come with me, and take the goods with you. We're leaving." "What about my boys?" "You can bring your bodyguards, but the rest must stay here, and delay the police."
"I'M NOT GOING TO SAY IT AGAIN! COME OUT WITH YOUR HOOVES UP!" The voice comes from a megaphone being used by Police Corporal Dade Keaton. He's one of 17 officers who have been assigned to interrupt a meeting between a local gang and an unknown party. There are more officers on standby if the situation goes south, but he expects such a show of force will scare the gang members into surrendering. There's nothing but silence for 10 seconds. Corporal Keaton is about to shout into his megaphone once more before he's interrupted by a shout from a second story window. "FUCK ALL YOU PUNKS!" There's a rapid succession of bangs from the window followed by bullets slamming into the asphalt, and the cruiser Corporal Keaton is covering behind. Corporal Keaton quickly ducks behind his cruiser and grabs his radio. "Shots fired! Shots fired!" What was initially dead silence became a series of pops and bangs as dozens of ponies inside the mill popped out of cover to fire, and back into cover to reload, or avoid getting shot. The officers respond in kind, adding to the noise.
The shootout persists for 10 minutes. More officers arrive, making the count 12 vehicles, and 26 officers. So far there's been two ponies wounded on each side, but no one has been critically injured. Corporal Keaton's ears perk up as a slightly different type of siren quickly approaches his position. He looks back to see a large black van marked "VCPD SWAT" barreling down the road. The van pulls up to the plant's west, and stops. 7 ponies pile out of the van. 6 head towards the plant while one sprints to the nearest cruiser.
Officer Daniella Foreman stares at the pony sprinting towards her. The pony is in full tactical gear, but doesn't appear to be armed. She turns her focus back to her injured partner who's sitting up against their cruiser with a wound in his back left leg believing the pony is just looking for adequate cover. She hears the thud of the pony's heavy boots and looks over to see the pony right beside her. The pony takes a tourniquet out of a bag on her back left leg, and ties it around the wounded officer's leg. "Stay still!" The pony barks. Daniella stares in awe as the pony quickly snips off a portion of gauze from a roll on her vest, and applies a disinfectant to the wounded officer's leg. She wraps the gauze around the wound tightly causing the officer to wince. "Hey! Is this supposed to hurt?" The pony nods. "loosen the tourniquet every 15 to 20 minutes to let blood circulate. You don't want to know what will happen if you don't."
After applying a tourniquet and some gauze to an injured officer's leg Asuka peaks her head up just enough to look for other injured officers. She suppresses her instincts to flinch as bullets fly nearby. They fly over her head, into the asphalt, and tear into the cruiser she's covering behind. In her left ear she can hear the local police radio chatter. In her right she hears the SWAT team and other tactical paramedic. Her search is stopped by a panicked scream from a few cars away. "OFFICER DOWN! WE NEED A PARAMEDIC!" She pinpoints the source of the scream and readies herself. She bolts from behind cover to the next vehicle taking only a few seconds to pause before dashing to the next one. She does this 3 times, spending about 2-3 seconds out in the open each time she does. It's terrifying, but it's part of her job.
Asuka reaches the car where the scream came from to find a female officer desperately holding a handkerchief to the chest of her partner who lie on the ground. He'd gotten hit just above his vest. "Stay with me Jace! Stay with me!" The female officer seems to have calmed herself slightly, but her hooves were still shaking. Asuka lightly taps the mare on the shoulder. "I'll take over from here. He's going to be fine." She wasn't entirely sure if what she said would be true, but she wanted to reassure the mare. She opens her saddlebag of equipment and gets to work. She can hear the SWAT team making their way through the building. They seem to be making good progress, but because of how large, and open the plant is they're having to move slowly. Asuka looks up to the female officer and speaks. "I'm going to take him to the EMT's. They'll get him to the hospital." The mare nods and picks up her radio. "The medic's going to make a break for the ambulances!" This is followed by Corporal Keaton shouting. "Give them some cover! Suppress the suspects, and give them time to get there!"
Asuka quickly straps the injured officer to her back, and stands up. He's much heavier than he looks. She takes a deep breath and waits for a moment. The other officers are starting to fire more often, this is her chance. She surges forwards out of the relative safety of the cruiser's cover and runs towards an alley down the street. A few bullets whiz past, but neither she, nor the officer she's transporting are hit. She sprints the entire way to the ambulances, zig zagging through the alleys to get there. When she arrives at an ambulance she unstraps the officer so the EMTs can load him onto a stretcher, and get him into the ambulance. She takes a moment to recover and breathe before heading back. When she arrives back at the scene the gunfire has stopped. The SWAT team was able to incapacitate 5 suspects, and convinced the rest to surrender.
After the suspects have been transported, and the injured have been tended to police officers and detectives enter the plant. They can't find any signs of the gang's leader or the unknown party, but there's plenty of evidence to suspect a very important meeting was happening. With no evidence as to where the leader, or unknown party had gone the officers would have to search the city to find them, and that wouldn't be easy.
War was coming to Vanhoover, and it's streets would be the battlefield.