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Asuka Yakushi

Female. Lives in 4163, Rink Way,  Vanhoover,  Equestria. Born on July 7, 2000
Earth Pony
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//Hello. I write lore.
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Asuka Yakushi
Asuka Yakushi
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Asuka Yakushi
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Asuka Yakushi
An exasperated sigh escapes Asuka's lips. While her brother dons his rollerblades, she stands behind him, arms folded. She stares holes through the back of his head, as if trying to look him in the ey... View More
Asuka Yakushi
The score is two to one. One more loss, and Attack on Mango will lose the battle of the bands. Which means they can kiss their fame, and likely the band as a whole, goodbye. Not their money though. Th... View More
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Asuka Yakushi
If you were to ask Artuo, the owner of Shifty Sai's how he's managed to stay in business so long, he'd give you one, single answer. "Attack on Mango." From the day they arrived in Vanhoover, the band ... View More
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Asuka Yakushi
To say that Attack on Mango lost the arcade challenge was the understatement of the century. Despite the fact that Wiggy was the only member of Dragonautica actually participating int he challenge, he... View More
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Rosa Cavalier
Rosa didn't forget Asuka's birthday. The thestral had been missing for a while again. But she did send a gift! Upon opening the gift, Asuka would be treated to a sudden tackle-hug from a little Camille with a note taped to her forehead. The note reads, "She's still getting used to the fangs. They d... View More
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Sprouting Bulb
Sprout had showed up to the party, smiling as she wandered through the crowd. She hadn't expected a crowd, but maybe that was just how celebrity parties were? Making a note of that, she figured she might as well greet the birthday filly herself, hovering above the crowd with some other pegasi to t... View More
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Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus climbed down a blue pipe that was in the air. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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Asuka Yakushi
//I forgot to post this on Wednesday, so just pretend it's Wednesday. The time for the 3rd challenge has come. Attack on Mango, and Dragonautica stand outside of the 'Lunar Launch' arcade with an anc... View More
Asuka Yakushi
Nobody in Vanhoover is quite sure when the second challenge in the battle between Dargonautica, and Attack on Mango happened. Everyone you ask can only give a vague recollection that some time about a... View More
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Bright Brave
Look at this post. It's a monster!
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