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by on September 8, 2019
Before I begin, I’d like to note that this character is inspired by the BBC’s hit show Doctor Who and in no way do I wish to insert myself into the canon of Doctor Who by placing her into the events of the show, rather I will be taking some elements and making the presence of Doctor Who type things present in my Head canon universe. For example Vortex manipulators, Daleks, Cyber-Ponies, and perhaps maybe even a doctor. As the universe is a vast vast place and confining myself to the planet in which Equestria lies with be closed minded. In short, the Vega-verse can have infinite possibilities and the head-canons normally just dictate the laws in which they function.
In the distant future, the year 13 of Sirrus’s reign, 400 years after Celestia’s reign ended. A pony by the name of Clockwork[Unicorn] invented a machine that could harness the power of time spells into a device that allowed anypony to travel throughout time in hopes that he could travel back to observe how ponies have evolved in their time on the planet. With the clearance of the New Princess Sirrus he created the Hourglass Agency. The agency was designed to use his invention to allow select ponies to travel backwards in time to observe and help the current time learn and advance according to a way that fit the values of society, but as things rise so must they fall. A few years into the project a pony with dark intentions was able to weasel his way into the Hourglass Agency, giving him access to time travel. The Stallion went forward in time and began to wreak havoc upon the ponies of the time. The Stallion was quickly apprehended and the Hourglass Agency shut down. Time travel was then deemed too dangerous to be in the public’s hoof. All time travel devices were confiscated and destroyed except 2 models. One disabled model that was left in a museum so ponies can remember that time travel is dangerous and one was left to Luminosity’s grandpa, since the princesses knew that he had a deep respect from time and never meddled with events. Clockwork continued his research on his own, discovering many things that helped further society, but after traveling through all of time he realized that he had amassed much knowledge, he lacked the companionship that most ponies have.
He tucked his device away and began to learn about the present. He fell in love with a beautiful mare[Pegasus] and together they had a son[Unicorn]. That son grew up and eventually fell in love with a mare[Unicorn] of his own. The two of them having a lovely pegasus daughter. The two named her Luminosity after a new star that had been recently documented, in hopes that she would bring much happiness to the world, since the power of names was greatly believed in. Luminosity grew up having an average foalhood, going to school 5 days a week and visiting her grandpa every Saturday. Clockwork was always overjoyed by the sight of his granddaughter, having a deeper appreciation of the present and all its gifts, doting on the young one with gifts and fun trips to amusement parks. When she was of the pre-teen age, he even took her through time using his time travel device that was when her life changed forever. Upon returning to her own time, after visiting Prance during world party 2 with her grandfather she discovered that she had acquired her Cutiemark! A golden pocket watch was there branded upon her flank. Her grandfather was overjoyed and even gave the time travel device to her as a gift, imploring her to use it to see many wonderful things.
That night a stallion broke into Clockwork’s home to steal the time travel device, but upon learning that he no longer had it, he instead murdered Luminosity’s grandpa and ransacked the home. Luminosity was distraught after hearing the news and was tempted to go back in time to prevent his murder from taking place but from her grandpa’s teaching she knew that was against his rules and he would be angry with her for disobeying the laws of time. She became depressed and spent most of her time in her room, looking at the device that if she had not accepted would have meant that her grandfather would still be alive. She soon couldn’t deal with the pain of losing her grandfather, traveling back in time and bursting into his house, warning him that in a week’s time a stallion would come in and murder him. Much to her surprise, Clockwork was furious that she would attempt to change the future. She bursts into tears and returns to her own time to hear a knock on her door. She walks over and sees a letter get slid under the door with her father’s voice telling her it was found in the home and addressed to her. She opened the letter that was from her grandpa, he was apologizing for yelling at her and for allowing himself to get murdered for the sake of time, explaining that time travel has responsibilities and little changes cause ripples in time that can never be healed.
Many years later, the same stallion had broken into the museum and stolen the disabled model of the time travel device and somehow activated it, traveling forward in time, with the inventor gone, the Princess came to Luminosity’s parents to ask if they knew where her grandpa’s personal temporal ticker had gone. Luminosity came forth during their meeting with the device on her hoof, proclaiming that she would catch the stallion and she wouldn’t accept no for an answer. The determination in the mare’s eyes made the princesses agree to allow Luminosity to travel after the stallion. Luminosity vowed in that moment that would bring her grandfather’s murderer to justice.
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