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Asuka Yakushi
by on September 9, 2019
Asuka steps off of the rickety old bus, and turns to watch it as it slowly churns through the snowy wasteland of the Frozen North. She turns back in front of her, and looks up at the mountain ahead of her. Wrapped up in thick winter clothing Asuka makes her way to the only building in sight; a small shack with an old sign reading "GUIDED TOURS."
As Asuka enters the shack she's greeted by a small room with a few decorations on the walls, and a counter with a stallion standing behind it. A radio on the counter plays the same song on loop.( The stallion behind the counter raises an eyebrow, but smiles wide before speaking in a thick Irish accent.
"Well hello there lassie! Been a while since I've had any visitors around 'ere! I'm guessin' you're here to climb the mountain eh?" Asuka nods, but doesn't speak. "Of course! Of course! Why else would ye' be here? Certainly not to talk to little ol' me!" The stallion laughs. "Okay. Do ya' need any equipment? I've got some rentals in the back." Asuka speaks up to ask. "Do you have any sort of breathing equipment?" The stallion looks at his guest with a smirk. "Oh, ye' won't be needin' that now lassie. You'll be just fine without it. Now, are ye' sure you're wantin' to do this? Lunea mountain ain't for the faint of heart. It's full of dangers, and the chances of you gettin' hurt 'er dyin' are real." This causes Asuka to second guess her decision. "Well... Now that you put it that way..." She's interrupted by the stallion.
"Well it's too late now! Bus is gone and won't be back for another month! So let's get a move on!" He hops over the counter already in full climbing gear. The stallion exits the shack and waits outside for Asuka to follow him. "Come now lassie! Time's a wastin'!" What has Asuka gotten herself into?