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Asuka Yakushi
by on September 22, 2019
Asuka swears she was falling just a second ago, but right now she's hanging in the air. She looks up to find her front right hoof being clutched tightly by a silhouette. It's slowly, but surely pulling her up over the ledge. She grabs onto the ledge with her free hoof, and pulls herself up. "Thanks. I thought I was-." When Asuka looks up to speak to her rescuer she finds no one. She stands in confusion for a few seconds before snapping herself out of it.
She'd finally made it. She'd reached the summit of Lunae Mountain. It was odd. There wasn't any wind blowing, and the view was unreal. The sun is just now beginning to set, adding to the awe.To her northwest she can see bits of the Crystal Empire. To the southwest she sees parts of Canterlot Castle, and to the southeast she can see the Vanhoover Space Needle peaking up past the clouds. She slowly sits down to admire the scene before her. There's an overwhelming sense of calmness. It feels as though all her troubles have vanished. She spends a few minutes simply admiring the scene, and basking in her accomplishment before reaching into her bag. She takes out her phone, and quickly snaps a selfie. She's going to share this as soon as she gets the chance. She then tucks her phone away to admire the scenery a while longer.
She's snapped out of her awe by the sound of a voice. "Congratulations lassie. Ye made it." She looks over her shoulder to see her guide approaching from where she'd come from. "Quite the view isn't it?" Asuka nods, and turns back to watch the world below. "Yeah. It's... It's beautiful. I've never seen anything like it before." Her guide sits beside her; looking out with her. They're silent for quite some time before her guide speaks again. "Ah'm sure ye have many questions lassie. I can feel it." Asuka speaks without turning her head. "Yeah. I've got plenty." This causes her guide to chuckle. "Then lassie; you'd better plan another trip here in the future. In time you'll figure it out." Asuka isn't sure what he means by "figure it out" but she doesn't really care. Right now she's just taking everything in. She did what she came here to do. She summited the mountain, and proved she could do things on her own. Not only does she have a sense of accomplishment, but she has many stories, and photos to share when she gets back down.
Getting back down. That's what she hadn't thought about. How was she going to get back down the mountain? She turns to her guide. "Uh... So how do we get down now? do we have to climb down?" The guide chuckles again. "Luckily we don't lassie." The guide motions to a cable car just a little ways down. She hadn't seen it when she reached the summit. Come to think of it she hadn't seen ANY cable cars at any point while she was climbing the mountain. She hadn't seen one when she'd arrived either. She decided it was bets not to question it. "Well lassie. When you're ready, just meet me at the cable car." Her guide gives her two pats on the shoulder before heading down to the cable car. She spends another 10 minutes admiring her accomplishment before heading to the cable car.
The ride back down is completely silent. Neither Asuka, nor her guide say a word as the car descends to the ground. Asuka watches the summit from a window until it disappears from view. She's not sure how long it takes for them to reach the ground, because she falls asleep during the ride.