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Commander Wyatt Ryder
by on September 25, 2019
Storytime with Wyatt's Admin, number idon'tfuckingknow. Blog form cause yay.
This one... Now this one is interesting. And I know a few people on here who'd be interested in this. It's not something that directly happened to me but a story I was relayed by someone else...
So, everyone knows who General Custer was, aye? Yes, THAT Custer...
Family of mine have a friend who lives in Manhatten. Mega expensive place, as I'm sure many know from the economy. So, she has this really gorgeous apartment that must be worth a fuckton. Another member of my family was shocked that she has this place, wondered how she got the money to buy it.
And holy shit did he find out.
So, this woman was once married, right? Guess who she was married to...
The last of the Custer line.
She found out she can't have kids, so he said he wanted to divorce her, as he wanted to continue the line, and he left her the apartment in the divorce because he really was sorry for his reasoning in leaving her and didn't want to leave her high and dry.