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Prince Artemis
by on October 5, 2019
"I just....I need wisdom in my actions. I need...guidance. I know that we have a plan. He got the solution to defeat this Tyrant. To end his games. B-But....what if it isn't enough? What if we can't kill it. I don't fear my own death. But I fear dying before I can guarantee a safe future for the ones I care about..." He was frustrated. The weight on his shoulders, that is usually shared with his Brother, was more present then ever. He was sick and slowly dying. Each passing day his sickness was getting worse. He wasn't sure how much time he had. If he couldn't find a solution soon, he might just have to take up his Brother's offer. That offer was something between them though. And it wasn't one he was one hundred percent about. He looked at a crown that stood on a pedestal in front of him. A crown of glorious shine and wonder. Even though there were two crowns in the room he was in....He focused on this one crown the most. ".......Mom....What do I do? I need your help more then ever. And it may not the last......I-I just wish you weren't taken from me so soon. Why did you have to leave us? We weren't ready. I wasn't. Solaris wasn't.....F-Father wasn't. You were the only one that has ever given me hope. I-I need it now more then ever...." Tears ran down the face of the Prince. Silent and somber crying as he looked upon the crown next to the one he was speaking towards. "Maybe if you were around still....Father wouldn't have been the way he was...."
"Do you find amusement in this game you play Artemis? Prince Artemis isn't it actually? And yet here you are, practicing this magic instead of studying! I have told you once and I'll be hoping to tell you this one last time! Stop trying to accomplish something with this magic of yours! You don't need this dark magic! It's vile! It's useless!"
"It's all I have!" Spoke a young Prince Artemis, snapping back at his father. King Astra, the last King to ever rule over Equestria. Father of the Two Princes. "What use am I to any of this?! Studying?! Studying to be a Prince?! I may be more willing to do so if you would give me the help I need! All the time! Every session of Combat, Paper Study, Legalization Overview, Council Observing! Every one of those damn things! It's always focus on Brother! Ever time I try to learn, you shoot me down! You think of my ideas and suggestions as poor and decline it! Whereas when Brother has a thought, you listen! You aren't even here for dinner anymore! All you do is stay in your Study! While I have to ask a servant to rely a message to you!"
"Do not raise your tone to your, Father! I have my reasons! Solaris will one day rule this Kingdom. And you will be there to Assist him." Assist? "He is going to take over when my time passes. And I will do everything in my power to mold him and train him to be prepared! This kingdom will stand strong! But you must do your part as well! You are getting nowhere this this study of magic! Your Magic is dangerous! Do you think I wouldn't know? I gave this magic just by having you born! You may have inherited my gift, but that does not mean it should be used!"
"B-But if Mother was here!..."
"Your Mother isn't here! She's gone! Dead! Taken from us due to illness! She's not coming back!"
Artemis would look at the crown once worn by his Father, having just remembered tragic thoughts that plagued his mind. "I wanted to hate him....Despise him more then anything in the world. I wanted to feel justified. As if knowing that he never saw me as a son....B-But I know that wasn't true. He was just as broken as we were when you passed. I wonder...did the Universe have a purpose for taking you from us? Or...was the Universe just bored....."
The young Prince had laid himself down for some rest. Curse his Father as he usually thought. He tries to do what he can to better himself. To grow as a stallion so that his Father can rely on him. Why would he be going through all this magic trouble?! He just wants to make him proud! Artemis has awoke, but not in place he was familiar with. The room was dark, but also showed fades of light around. But his attention was focused on what was standing in front of him. A shadow figure, intense slit eyes, and dark potent magic. All in one. "Do you despise your Father for his actions?...." It spoke, a calming voice, but one that seemed haunting.
"N-No.....I know he doesn't hate me. All i'm doing his messing up again. I'm in the way. Trying to learn a magic he doesn't want me to...."
"You seem rather talented at it. Shadow manipulation, Dark absorption, great distance on teleportation, and many more things. All these things your Father seems worried of?"
" do you know that?"
"Because I know a lot of things your Father knows. I am, as you could say, very close with your Father."
"D-Do you have a name?"
'No....I'm just...observing. All I do is observe. It's all your Father allows me to do."
"I do kinda look like something from a Nightmare. Maybe he's afraid you'll scare people."
"Heh...that's kinda funny actually. No your Father doesn't use me because he finds me dangerous as well. Perhaps he is being strict on you because he doesn't want me and you to meet. Perhaps he's afraid of me helping you."
"I can help me? As in help me with my Dark magic Study?"
"I would....but I can't. I'm under....agreement with your Father....I can't do anything. Just observe. But there was nothing against meeting his son. I've always wanted to meet you after all. You seem to have...something special about you. Maybe one day...I can convince your Father to see things differently. But for now....don't let his actions get to you. What he does, he does for a reason."
".........Might I ask a favor?...."
"If it's in my power and agreement...."
".............If in the future, if you are able to or if it's in your agreement. If I ask for your help....Will you help me. Is that something you can Promise me?...."
"........Consider it a deal......~"