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by on October 17, 2019
Dunno where else to put it without it just being lost so uh, yeh
Wyatt: Hooman. Male. Big boi, strong, got a lot of muscle uwu (normally the only one around Daybreaker)
Hymn: (aside from Wyatt, who is a /very/ personal bodyguard of Daybreaker, Hymn would be the closest one to her. Head of this personal unit) Siren (Shark), mare, leader of the group.
Starry Nights: Bat Pone/Thestral, mare, second in command. Her brother tends to have almost prophetic dreams, only reason he hasn’t joined up, is because he’s too young (and because Starry wouldn’t let him if he wasn’t lol). Dark bluish-grey coat, purplish wings, magenta eyes, and dark purple, wavy mane and tail, normally kept in a bun while on the job. (Scars over her hind legs, as if burnt from something)
Cherry Cobbler: Earth Pone, stallion. Tan colored coat, deep voice. Red and pink mane, with alternating stripes. Very buff, light blue eyes
Windy Heights: Pegasus, mare. Wind blown light grey mane and tail, blue coat, pale pink eyes
Sparkler: Unicorn, stallion. Scrawny but very powerful magic. Not good in hoof to hoof combat. Timid. But he's a good boyo. Pale yellow coat, with green eyes, and light blue eyes.
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Commander Wyatt Ryder
Hehe, very personal bodyguard. I like that
I had to. Was too tempting to not do it
Commander Wyatt Ryder
Brilliant! xD
Nitro Lionheart
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Commander Wyatt Ryder
Friendzoned again.