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Sunshine Serenade (Mods)
by on November 7, 2019
Greetings, everyone!
This is a very important statement that we would like to share with all of you regarding certain things that you may, or may have not heard and we would like to clear things up.
For starters, we’d like to apologize for any controversial topics that you may, or may not have been hearing over the last couple months. We have been handling a situation in which an individual was attempting to gather identifying information from various sources in an attempt to locate members of staff’s actual locations.
During this situation, various pieces of evidence of several attempts of collecting staff member’s personal and identifiable information were made. As a reminder, any non consensual attempts to collect information of any user of Canterlot Avenue with or without malicious intent, is against our policies, and also against the law.
Certain rumors have been distributed in which involve accusations of corruption within the staff, and we would like to state that here at Canterlot Avenue, we do everything we can to ensure that things are enforced in an unbiased and equal manner. Poniverse’s Human Resource Department serves as the prime supervisor of all internal operations and ensure that they are kept up to standards with Poniverse policies. We would also like to explain that Canterlot Avenue staff does not get paid for doing their jobs. Everyone who is a member of CA and Poniverse staff is serving the community out of the kindness of their heart without any monetary compensation expected. None of the official members of Poniverse staff (CA included) make any money from this project.
The individual involved in the situation was repeatedly approached with the attempt to reach a state in which would make them stop their repeated offenses, however, after many attempts to peacefully request them to stop the distribution of inaccurate information, the individual proceeded to attack certain users, which are also actions that we do not condone in our community.
For said reasons, the individual has been removed from our services as a means to maintain the harmony of the community, as well as to protect any other users from possibly becoming a target by the individual.
Please keep in mind that any questions regarding the situation or the individuals involved will not be addressed to protect their identity. As well as any comments with the intention of causing drama will be immediately removed without warning.
-CA Administration
Demonic H Hooves
the messenger of the don has spoken
Carmine Gumshoe
welp, in the words of the wise: “sucks to suck” and he sucked big time.
Cheddar Cheese
Wait why is it called human resources if we are ponies
Chiller Sway
Starbro Spackle
Who's stupid enough to give away IRL information that allows people to find where they live?
Yeah. So stuipid! Like why would i tell anyone i live at 42069 Horse trot Lane in saratoga new york? Insane!
Butterscotch Ormand
Saratoga? I hear they force ponies into slavery there and take bets on which one can run the fastest.
Who do you think owns them
Commander Wyatt Ryder
Princess Corona Lionheart the IV right now:
Goddess of the Mad
Glad their 80s butt is gone
Angelica spirit
This is such a shame...
Veronica McClaw
What is?
Angelica spirit
The person who did all that mess. Well it can't be helped perhaps he or she known not to do that. For that he got the consequences.
Warlord Maxh Vezpyre
You can usually feel a hard-doxxer lemaymay posture when things like this happens. And these heavy breathing. The loser's national anthem.
"Don't wanna be an American idiot."
They always gave me a certain vibe ngl.
Princess Heckin' Luna
Could somebody fill me in on what's going on? Via DM ofc- I've been gone for so LONG
It's better if you didn't know
Veronica McClaw
It's better if you just read the blog