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Prince Solaris
by on November 8, 2019
No more procrastination. No more excuses. No more major preparations needed. The time has finally come for Solaris and Sunbreaker to split apart. Was Sol still anxious about it? Of course! It's not every day you rip a piece of your soul out of yourself, after all. Solaris sat at the desk that was within his room, looking down at all the tools that were gathered. An open book, some chalk, and most importantly a dagger. This was no ordinary dagger, though. The blade was created from a mix of quartz and amethyst crystals, meant to absorb and manifest the spirit with the help of runes etched into the sides of it. Under the right lighting, the runes seemed to have a slight glow to them.
Solaris would pick up the dagger and looked it over once more, turning it in his hooves before looking behind him. In the middle of his wooden floor, was a wooden mannequin surrounded by magical circles and runes drawn in chalk. The wooden mannequin was the very same one Sol himself was stuck in for a short while, repaired to full condition. Well, there were still bits of wear and tear on it and the foreleg that had to be replaced with a different wood. But still! Solaris slipped out of from his seat and slowly made his way to the mannequin.
He stood at the edge of the magical circles, looking down at the mannequin. Now that the.. event was moments away, he was dreading it.
"Don't you chicken out on us now, Sol," Sunbreaker chimed up, thought it was just in Sol's mind. Gotta save up the energy for the fun that's about to happen.
"... I'm not chickening out. Just.. thinking that maybe I should have told Arty I'm doing this tonight, in case something went wrong, but.." Sol says aloud, staring down at the mannequin, "If things do go wrong, it'll be too late to stop it anyways."
"Fair enough. Stalling isn't going to prevent it, though. Best to just dive on in and be done with it."
"You can admit you're nervous about this too, Sun. I'll only tease you about it for a few days~ But you're right.. Best to just rip off the band-aid."
Warning! The next part could be considered graphic. Read your own discretion. I'll mark the end of it, so you can easily scroll past it.
Solaris took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he steeled himself. Raising up the dagger, he began to chant an incantation under his breath. The runes on the dagger and the runes in the magic circles began to glow as if they were white hot. Suddenly opening his eyes, they too were glowing as he then drove the dagger deep into his chest. Biting his lips, he let out a small, muffled, pained scream/groan. The glow in his eyes faded away as he slowly pulled out the dagger. The entire blade now had that white hot glow to it as it was revealed that the dagger didn't physically stab him. He had no mark or anything on his chest where the dagger just was. That doesn't mean it didn't hurt like hell, however. Solaris swayed a bit before bracing himself against the mannequin, trying to keep himself from submitting to the pain and the huge drain of energy he just experienced from stabbing out a part of his soul.
Graphic part over
Barely conscious from the ritual, Solaris drove the now glowing dagger blade deep into the mannequins chest. Once the hilt of the dagger hit the wood, he snapped the blade off deep inside. With that done, Solaris collapsed onto the floor, completely exhausted. The blade's glow slowly started to pulse, the glow now starting to spread into the wood like veins across the chest a few inches before the glow faded completely.
Solaris barely lifted his head up, worry on his face. Was.. Was the glow suppose to fade away like that? Why hadn't the mannequin, Sunbreaker, start to move yet? Was Sunbreaker gone forever now? A million questions went through Solaris' mind as the seconds ticked by. Suddenly, though, the mannequin twitched. At first, Sol thought it was a just an illusion, his eyes playing tricks on him, but the twitch happened once more. Then the twitch turned into a jerk. The jerk into motion. The motion turned into the mannequin taking a few, small uneasy steps.
"H-Holy fuck that hurt!" came out Sunbreaker's voice from the mannequin. It wasn't distorted slightly, like it usually was. Instead, it was crystal clear. He almost had the exact same voice as Solaris, save for his was deeper and less rough. The mannequ- Sunbreaker plopped down on the ground next to Sol. He had no facial expression, but Sol could easily tell Sun was just as exhausted as he was.
"Agreed.." Sol simply stated before closing his eyes. He let out a huff, glad that it was over with and that it worked. With that realization, he passed out. . .