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Commander Wyatt Ryder
by on November 8, 2019
Wyatt sat in his Office, clenching his eyes shut, opening them once again, his breathing slow. He seemed to be concentrating hard on something. The voice that first spoke was tormented, and sounded like a raspy whisper, almost full of rage. "Do you know how it feels?!"
The next voice was Wyatt's. "Of course I do. How long have we known each other, after all?"
"Far too long."
Wyatt sat there talking to this individual, and he appeared to not be enjoying said conversation all that much, although seemed to be grinning and bearing it. "And what can I do? This place, it's... It's hell. But you and I both know that." A quick look out of the window would reveal a disjointed and almost hellish landscape. There was fire, and it looked like several severe earthquakes had hit all at once. This didn't seem like Equestria at all...
A figure moved in the blackness of the edge of the room. "And so why have you come here? Knowing what you'd find."
That yielded a chuckle from Wyatt. "I've come to find what's been plaguing me all this time. The voices..." Wyatt winced and breathed, putting a hand on his head. "I... I feel so angry. So hateful... Like I'm ready to burst any minute. Hell, I almost killed Arty's second-in-command."
The other voice chuckled this time, dark, deep and satisfied. "You are Hatred, are you not? You embody it!" the voice exclaimed, with a physical rumble. "You resist, you fight, and so within you breeds conflict. That bitch threatened you, and deserved much worse if you ask me." it stated harshly. "I know this because, after all, are we not one and the same?"
As the voice said that, it's physical form exited from where it lurked in the shadows. It was... Wyatt. But it wasn't. It was a horrifying visual of him. Horns like a demon, fiery eyes, body burned to hell, scars, bullet wounds, gashes. It almost looked like if Wyatt through his life was hit by everything that should have killed him, and yet was still walking as a Demon... Clinging to life by spite and hatred alone.
Wyatt himself looked up, and then stood. "It's you, isn't it? You're the hatred that burns within me. You're more than a mere projection of me." he asked the figure before him as he looked upon it, facing Wyatt side on and looking right back at him. "You're what I see in the mirror."
The figure scoffed at Wyatt's words. "I am you. I am War." it stated, an echo to it's words. Wyatt raised his brow at that. "What? You thought the Princes were the only ones who gave voice and form to their hatred? No. No, they cannot conceive of hatred, not the kind you feel within yourself. The kind you lock away. The kind that burns like the sun, and is as dark as the night. The kind that would bring Equestria to it's knees before you. We were once one and the same, and in many ways still are." it stated to Wyatt, stepping on his desk and peering down at him. "We are not like the Ponies. We are the kind of thing that the Elements themselves were built to combat. Not just to entrap on the moon, but to destroy! Because you're willing to do what is necessary to protect those you care about, they would call you a monster. They wouldn't understand that you'll do what you must." he said to Wyatt, circling him slowly as he stood at his desk, listening to what his Hatred had to say. "They thought to tame you. To domesticate you."
Wyatt looked away from his own Hatred. "Equestria... Would do better without the both of us." he stated simply. "We're relics of a world that no longer exists. The war we crave, the conflict we wish, it is no longer here for us. Win or lose, we fight. And that is our downfall as well as our strength. I don't intend to start a war to satisfy my own urge to fight. That would defeat the purpose of everything we did back on Earth in the latter half of our life."
The figure laughed dryly at that. "So, what? We rot? Stuck doing paperwork for the rest of our life?" he asked disdainfully, picking up some sheets and throwing them in Wyatt's face. "A waste of talent if ever I saw it. Even when training the guards we have to hold back. If we applied the methods we truly wished, very few would pass." he stated simply.
"Enough of this. Stop influencing my actions." Wyatt stated as he began to fade out.
"You're asking me to stop? It's you that needs to stop..." the last part echoed out as Wyatt seemed to fall upwards and through the ceiling, towards a sliver of light...
He awoke, submerged in a white, paint-like liquid as he coughed a bit, the liquid draining as he pulled himself out of the vat he was in, many stallions and mares in lab coats surrounding him. Scientists. "Did it work, Sir?" asked the Lead Scientist, Brilliant Mind.
Wyatt wiped his face as it dripped with now water-like liquid. "It did. For the most part."