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by on November 15, 2019
Migraine came back in full force. Might as well write something to pass the time while I wait for my number.
Vanil had 3 drafts to go with, one of them is for her to be in an abusive relationship (Note that I didn't play that big a part in making Vanil, as mentioned in the "About Me"). Imagine K.Flay's song "Cops" (honestly, never heard of it and don't intend to) crammed into an oc, that's one of her earliest iteration, as referred to by her creator. Thank goodness I managed to convince them not to go through with it. The amount of work (upkeep?) is just too much, especially considering its for a pony on a niche pony website.
ADDENDUM: I almost forgot. In that iteration she was supposed to be named Inky Petal or something. I only managed to get a glance of her concept art and at the time it seemed too weird for me to save it on my phone. Her signature look was supposed include a warn smile, a black eye and traces of melted mascara. Ok myhead hurts a bit too much now bye
Some people abuse their horse through harsh story telling and tragic outcomes. Some people just straight up punch their horse.
Gradient Rivers Alton-Yuri
^ he does both
Thing is, I wouldn't know how to develop such a character at all. Also I'd punch your bug, hecc I'm gonna do it right now.
Bring it ho