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by on November 24, 2019
Alright so!
Siren babies!
Some come from eggs, some are born like ponies, but, really, what species do and don’t do that?
(Most) Shark Sirens tend to have their “pups” through eggs, much like normal sharks, it’s rare to find the subspecies that give live birth.
(The rare children) Shark Sirens. One of the main ones that do this, are the Great White Shark Sirens. (Which is what Hymn is) they normally have multiple pups at the same time, rarely having a single pup at a time. Terrible parents (normally). Tend to abandon their pups once they’ve given birth, much like the actual shark. This is normally because the pups will already know how to hunt and stuff.
Dolphin Sirens!
These babs give live birth. Either to a single calf, or to twin calves. These ones are very good parents, with the whole pod helping with caring for the calves.
Whale Sirens!
Much like the dolphins, these ones give live birth, normally to single calves, twins are very rare. The cows are very protective.
Fish Sirens!
Tend to vary between every species! Clownfish Sirens tend to take very good care of their kids, while Pufferfish Sirens tend to not, sending their eggs off into the currents.
Now! For the aging thing!
They tend to stay in their infancy stage fooor... about 20-25 years maybe? Depends on the species really. But that’s about it, from then, it’s adolescence, which lasts about 30-40 years, then, it’s adulthood!
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