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by on November 24, 2019
Alright so! Siren babies! Some come from eggs, some are born like ponies, but, really, what species do and don’t do that? Weeelll... (Most) Shark Sirens tend to have their “pups” through eggs, much like normal sharks, it’s rare to find the subspecies that give live birth. (The rare children) Shark Sirens. One of the main ones that do this, are the Great White Shark Sirens. (Which is what Hymn is) they normally have multiple pups at the same time, rarely having a single pup at ...
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by on August 25, 2019
1. There /are/ albino (all white) and melanic (all black) sirens out there. But they are very rare. You'd be lucky to see even /one/ of the two in your entire life. 2. Albino Sirens tend to be more powerful and dangerous than any others. While the Melanic Sirens are the complete opposite. They are weaker then all the others, some of the Melanics are even born mute. Pretty much completely useless to the old fashioned Sirens 3. There are many different types of Sirens, from Whale Sirens, Dol...
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by on July 7, 2019
Headcanon 1! Sirens age slower than ponies and other creatures! Haven't figured out the ratio yet, but they age slower. Cuz like, Hymn is in her 140's so far, and in pony terms she'd probably be around her 20-30's maybe? Headcanon 2! Their gems are really sensitive! I've already displayed this headcanon in some of my rps, but if someone touches their gem, they can feel that, even though they really shouldn't. Since you know, its a gem. And well, they really only like to have creatures t...
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