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Prince Solaris
by on January 1, 2020
It was a warm, slightly cloudy day. There was a slight breeze that kept it from being too hot when not in the shade. Overall, it was one of those days that was perfect for a picnic and Solaris was doing just that.
Further up the mountain, on a grassy patch that offered a scenic view over Canterlot and the surrounding area, Solaris was enjoying himself a glass a wine and the company of one other. Sitting next to Solaris was an earth mare. Her coat was a light grey, mane/tail like flowing silver and eyes that looked like they could make the ocean jealous.
"This is such a perfect evening, Q.. I almost wish we didn't have to go back," Solaris comments as he looks down at Canterlot.
"You knoooow~" the mare started off playfully, "We could just.. run away from it all~" She leaned forward, so she could see Solaris' face as she looked up at it. "The nobles keep claiming they can run the kingdom better, so we could just.. give them a trial by fire," she chuckled a little, making it clear she was just joking.
Solaris couldn't help but chuckle himself as he looks down to her, "You make it sound so tempting, Q~ But you and I both know I couldn't do that.. The kingdom is on shakey ground after.. the war.. There's much work to be done, still. To be honest, though.. As much as I'm enjoying this, I feel like I'm letting everypony down, the longer I stay up here."
"Solly.. You're only one stallion, no matter how big you are. Besides, if you don't take care of yourself, how can you hope to care for others? Taking a break isn't going to hurt anypony.. Just stay here, with me, and relax," the mare points out, leaning against him softly.
"I... suppose you're not wrong, Q. We have been up here for a few hours, though. We should think about returning soo-"
"Solly, you love me, don't you?" the mare cuts him off.
Solaris stiffens a little, starting to blush. "I-I, uh.. Y-You know I care a-about yo-"
"Then what's the rush~? Why not just stay here, with me? Forever."
"Forever?" Solaris repeats, his brows furrowing a little. Something was starting to feel... off.
"Yes, why not be with her forever, Solaris?" came out a third voice. It was Torment's. And it came from the mare.
Solaris quickly looked down, clearly startled. Before he could do much of anything, a sharp dagger was plunged deep into his chest by the mare.
And just like that, Solaris sat straight up in his bed, panting heavily and dripping with sweat. Shortly after sitting up, Solaris let out a loud groan, his best attempt at holding in a scream of pain.
His wound had healed up enough to where he was allowed to sleep within his bed. But the way he suddenly sat up? It had torn the wound open once more to some degree. Clenching his chest, Solaris limped back down into his bed, breathing even heavier now. As he pulled his hoof away, revealing blood on it, the guards that were stationed outside his room came in to investigate. One quickly left to fetch a doctor while the other stayed with Solaris in the meanwhile. . .