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by on January 7, 2020
Ya’ll gonna fall apart.
Like at the seams.
You live on hopes, and dreams
Is this your last resort?
Life is a storm, we’ll seek any port.
What is love? Baby don’t hurt me?
That’s all it’s gonna be-you’ll see
Whether this relationship ends at fifteen or thirty
Everyone crawls out broken and dirty.
Why are you so cynical?
My pessimism is warranted, my depression clinical.
The people that I saw proclaim love
Only stuck together because of the Almighty above.
Over twenty years of my life
The arguments and abuse, hatred and strife
Why didn’t they just get a divorce?
When you follow religion, there’s no logical course.
What makes you happier, truly?
Another person, or is there something more?
Finding your joy in girl or boy
Is a treacherous road for sure.
People aren’t puppets, we’re vases and jars.
Dropped and shattered as we find out who we are.
Fragments are things we lose on the way
We’re left with rough edges-what I’m trying to say
Is I think you’re all doomed
How do we love
When we throw ourself at the nearest person that fits like a glove?
It works, we’ll try it there’s no Customer Service for this
You can’t take it back, love’s not a pack
That can be regifted, the same as it was
The moment there’s loss, we’re different because
Every failed another fragment.
And who the hell goes to the store for damaged goods?
Honey Glow
This was really good. ;w;