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by on January 7, 2020
Ya’ll gonna fall apart. Like at the seams. You live on hopes, and dreams Is this your last resort? Life is a storm, we’ll seek any port. What is love? Baby don’t hurt me? That’s all it’s gonna be-you’ll see Whether this relationship ends at fifteen or thirty Everyone crawls out broken and dirty. Why are you so cynical? My pessimism is warranted, my depression clinical. The people that I saw proclaim love Only stuck together because of the Almighty above. Over twenty years of ...
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by on October 31, 2018
To whom it may concern: There's a reason why I'm the way I am. Always depressed, sad and what not. It's a bit of a long story really. See when I was young, around four or five, my mother decided that she wanted to leave me with my grandma and move to someplace else and not come back for several years. I eventually was adopted by my aunt and uncle, but the post traumatic stress I had from her leaving left me with a lot of bad qualities. I got into fights a lot, especially when someone talked shi...
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by on September 25, 2018
Dear Princess Luna, Once more I feel my actions paint me as being needy. Maybe I am, but I hope that doesn't colour me poorly in others' eyes. I'm doing my best, or at least I think I am. I'm trying. It's hard to keep it all together and straight in my mind. I hope I'm not bothering you with how often I've written. Though, you probably would say so, because a good monarch is there for their subjects. I'm sorry. Your faithful subject, Java Tales
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