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by on January 7, 2020
Sweet made herself dinner that she didn't eat again.
Or maybe it was lunch. She'd stopped tracking the clocks. Whateverr the meal was, it was just sitting on the bar, getting cold.
Tinkora had always been really big on clocks. Honestly, she hadn't put much stock in it. Before the E.D.C. was finally realized, then had subsequently failed, all that was just "Tinkora being a crazy bitch" to her. But now that Terra had been lost, Terrans scattered to the cosmos, and an elimination of any known Terrans been handed down by the had become really slow. She didn't want to know what time it was anymore, because it only served to lengthen the hours.
Her head turns slowly to gaze around the empty bar she is sitting in. Tinkora had graciously (if pointlessly) given Sweet and Trip full run of her planetary cruiser when she had decided to cut her losses and time travel to a different universe. It had been kind of cool the first couple weeks-trying to explore the massive ship (an impossibility, given its size, that would take a lifetime) with its different biome rooms, simulated training environment, and defensive systems...but as the ranks of the resistance fighters shrank, and it became clear that fighting the Aetherians would simply lead to the extinction of what remained of the E.D.C., the Eden had become their stronghold. Kat's backup drives had managed to find them enough out-of-the-way hiding spots in the universe to jump between and stay off the radar, but Sweet had a sneaking suspicion it was only a matter of time til the Aetherians caught them.
And worse, she almost wanted it to happen. For this all to just end.
She liked hanging out in the bar-like being a relative term because about now, nothing really strikes her fancy. Which is sort of how depression works. But somehow the empty bar spoke to her.
She had been very young when the Aetherians first attacked-and even now, her twentieth birthday was approaching-she'd never reached drinking age on Terra, so she'd never gotten to go to a bar. In her dreams, she had seen herself going with Tinkora, Tripwire, maybe a few other close members of the E.D.C....not now. That dream was gone. She wasn't going to get that...not that anything was really stopping her from hopping over the bar and grabbing one of the stored spirits behind it...if Trip had even LEFT any, that is. He was of perfect drinking age...and seemed to do nothing but drink when he wasn't working on explosives that would never see the light of day.
Speaking of...there he comes bumbling in, turning on half the lights and blinding the poor mare. She just swivels her chair around and glares at him, shading her eyes.
".....mmmmfff...sorry Sweet..I didn't...." he hurriedly shuts off all but one set of lights, eyeing her uneaten meal. " too...?" he mumbles as he shuffles over to the bar. He's unshaven, eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep. Really he's just taken over Tink's look with a will.
"Are you actually subsisting on alcohol alone?" she says with a raised eyebrow at him. Even depressed, she can't stop her banter. It's just ingrained, she's Sweet like that.
"Mmmmmmlady I can't even remember..." he says as he pulls out a glass from a drawer, before starting to poor some good stuff. "You better eat, I can't osmote nutrients to you..." he says as he slumps against the counter, staring out the glass port behind them at the ice ring they're docked in.
"Hey...." Sweet says softly as she leans back in her chair. "...if like...if you could go back...and reverse all this...would you?"
Trip doesn't answer right away, but instead just looks at her for a good few moments before taking a sip of his drink. Whatever it is. He doesn't know. "...I know where you're going with this Sweet. I hate what's happened...but no. We uh..." he rubs the counter with a hoof, shrugging and and sighing. "We got dealt a bad hand. I don't...disagree with that...but..."
"But she's gone. Tink is gone, and she left all of her stuff here. Neither of us is her level of genius but I'm sure with all the spare time we could figure SOMETHING out, right? time or something?"
"" Trip's eyebrows go up in surprise. "You know whole thing she worked with was this time travel stuff. Did you never pay attention when she was talking about how dangerous this gets...?"
"No...not really..." Sweet mumbles as she looks at the floor for inspiration.
"You should have. Messing with time is's not....anything that normal people are supposed to do. It REALLY messes with stuff. Like...we know deities and stuff exist-select few of them even get to mess with time. It's just too powerful-imagine any one of us having a reset button? And...and just...think about all the other worlds out there that got fucked over by the Aetherians! They didn't rewind time! They just...they just...dealt with it..." he trails off as he goes back to his drink.
"But we could do this for them too! We could save all of us if we just...went" she tries to justify it as best she can, but somehow it feels...empty.
"Not our decision to make. We are not arbiters of this universe...we're just...part of it...oh gods on high I sound like her now..." Trip says, forcibly downing his glass and starting to pour another.
" do..." she says sadly as she wiggles her hooves, just to see some movement.
"She...offered to let you go with her Sweet. Why didn't you?" Trip says as he eyes her slowly. He doesn't want to press but he's been wondering.
"Cause...cause I thought...maybe like...we could get something here. together...form a little colony...I didn't realize we were going to become space refugees. Hunted..." it's a fair sentiment.
"I don't think any of us expected how this would turn out..." Trip says with a shrug as he pets his glass. "But I think we both wish we were there with her now..wherever she is..."
"...I hope she got to be happy. So at least one of us is..." Sweet mutters hollowly as she scoots her food close to eat. Cold now...just like she feels.
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