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Asuka Yakushi
by on January 18, 2020
January 16th, 3 PM, Snowy Hill Suburbs, Vanhoover.
Police Corporal Franco Marcetti's boots make a quiet 'thud' as he steps out of the SWAT van onto the street below. He's followed by more thuds as 6 other armored ponies exit the vehicle behind him. Once they've exited the vehicle the team quietly forms a neat single file line behind Corporal Marcetti. Once the squad begins to move Corporal Marcetti speaks into his earpiece. "Entry Team to TOC. We've reached the drop off point, and are making our way towards the target building." A voice replies. "Copy that Entry Team. Keep us posted."
As the squad makes it's way towards the secluded two story house down the street another voice chimes into the radio. "TOC this is Sierra 1. Element spotted." Corporal Marcetti feels confident about this mission. They've got the roads blocked off about half a mile out in every direction, and there are police eyes everywhere. If there are any chances of their suspect escaping they're slim. Once the team has gotten to the closest house to the target building they cover behind it to hide. The family that lives in this house was evacuated only minutes before the team arrived. As Corporal Marcetti peeks around the corner at the target building he hears a voice through his earpiece. "Sierra 1 to TOC. Two stallions have just exited the target building." There's a pause. "They're headed West towards Dartwood street."
The team quietly slips around to the back of the house, and waits for Sierra 1 to confirm the stallions have left the area. It's not likely those stallions are going to get far. Once the all-clear has been given the team quickly, but quietly makes their way towards the target building. Using a specialized piece of equipment the team is able to scale the fence on the sound end of the property. Once the entire team has scaled the fence they approach the south entrance. "Gold stack up." Corporal Marcetti whispers into his earpiece. The rest of the squad quickly forms up alongside the door. Three on the right, two on the left.
At the back of the right stack Asuka prepares herself for what could happen next. The suspect was labeled "Armed, and dangerous" for a reason. She hears Corporal Marcetti speak from the back of the left stack. "Blue, try the door." The officer in the front of the left stack gently places a hoof on the door, and attempts to turn the knob. "Locked." "Pick it." The front left officer grabs a multi-purpose tool from his vest, and inserts a lockpick into the lock. After a few seconds the knob turns.
Blue one carefully opens the back door, and flows into the building, first checking the left. Blue two goes right, followed by Red one, and Red two. Marectti enters with Asuka staying outside until she's given the go ahead. The team finds themselves in an activity room. It appears to be empty at the moment. Marcetti motions to Asuka who falls in behind the team. "Blue, check the room for cameras. Red, stack on the door ahead." Marcetti whispers, and the team begins to move. Asuka places herself against the right wall as Blue one, and Blue two conduct a thorough sweep of the room. They find a security camera, and quickly cover it. TOC has already gotten the security system shut off, but they couldn't be too careful.
Red one pulls an instrument off of his back, and extends it towards the floor. After taking a moment to switch it on the officer points the device towards a small space in between the door and the floor. The screen at the end of the device shows him a hallway with multiple doors that seems to lead to a larger room on the left. He retracts the device, and places it back onto his back. "Hallway. Four doors, stairway on the right, and a larger room on the left." Red one reports. "Red, open and clear left. Blue clear right." Red one opens the door, and the two teams quickly flow into the hallway.
Blue reports clear, but Red ends up having to enter the larger room. Inside the activity room Asuka hears a mare beginning to scream. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?! WHERE'S YOUR WARRANT?!" Followed by Red one shouting "Put your hooves up, and get down!" "I DON'T HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU SAY! THIS IS MY HOUSE!" The mare screams back. Asuka couldn't believe she just hear someone say that. If there was a SWAT team in your house then you'd better do as they say. Another command from Red one. This time Asuka hears another, terrified, smaller voice afterwards. "Mommy? What's going on?" Followed by the mare again. "Don't worry sweetie. Mommy won't let them hurt you." There's a brief pause before the mare begins to scream again. "GET YOUR HOOVES OFF OF ME! DON'T TOUCH MY BABY!" The screaming quickly becomes incoherent. Over her radio Asuka can hear Red two reassuring the filly. "Don't worry. Everything's going to be okay. You and your mommy aren't going to be hurt."
Blue one's voice pulls her attention towards the stairway. "FREEZE!" Marcetti then radio's in "TOC, Entry Team. Suspect spotted." Blue one shouts again. "Put your hooves up, and get on the ground!" The startled suspect quickly turns, and dashes back up the stairs. "HEY! I SAID FREEZE!" Blue one shouts. Corporal Marcetti quickly keys in to his team. "Red, secure the hallway, and clear these rooms. Blue, get up the stairs. White, keep an eye on the civilians." Asuka emerges from her position inside the activity room, and makes her way into the living room where she finds the mare and her daughter sitting on the floor with their front hooves zip-tied together. The mother continues her incoherent screaming. At this point she was scaring her daughter more than the armored ponies who had just entered their hose. Asuka puts on her best "naturing guardian" voice and approaches the filly. "It's okay sweetheart. We just want to talk with your papa." Her heart nearly breaks when the filly responds. "Are you going to take my daddy away?"
Blue one cautiously makes his way up the stairs with Blue two a few steps behind him. He rounds the corner onto the second floor to narrowly avoid a bullet that smashes through the wall behind his head. "DROP THE WEAPON!" Blue one shouts as he steps forwards, and trains his rifle at the suited stallion standing ahead of him. He knows this stallion well. Most ponies in Vanhoover did at this point. Stewart Eleson was likely the most public mayoral candidate in all of Vanhoover. "I SAID DROP IT!" Stewart quickly slams open a door to his right. Blue one, and two follow only to witness a scene straight from an action movie. Stewart lifts open a window, and wastes no time in diving through it to the ground below. Blue one quickly keys up his radio. "Suspect has dismounted from a second story window on the east side of the house!"
Corporal Marcetti hurries to the front door, and takes a quick peek outside before opening it. He steps outside and trains his sights on the suited stallion currently running/limping away from the house. He fires three shots at the stallion's hind legs. One connects, but it hits his bad leg, and he continues to run. "TOC, Entry Team. Suspect has exited the target building through a second story window, and is making his way east." It looked like this was about to turn into a hunt.
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