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Prince Artemis
by on January 28, 2020
Emptiness. Complete emptiness. A clear area of pure nothing. Nothing but clear white. Not a sound. Not a smell. Not a sight. Nothingness surrounded me. Why was I here? Wasn't I just visiting dreams a moment ago? Wasn't I just solving a pony's nightmares a few seconds ago? How did I end up here? What even was here? Everything was starting to move. Shapes and figures were appearing and being made. Grass along my hooves were appearing. Soft and comforting. A breeze was going through my mane. My surroundings. I was beginning to recognize the place around me. Stone walls were appearing. Stained glass windows. The ominous night sky above. This was The Castle. My Castle. My old Castle. The Castle I ran when I was a Tyrant. When I sought to rule this world. Why was this appearing.
"You finally came back....." A voice! A voice was behind me! Wait....I recognized that voice. I would know that voice from anywhere. The soothing sounds as if it was a melody flowing like a river. A calming voice. Turning around confirmed what I knew!
"D-Dawn...." Dawn. My first love. The mare that led my Army of Lunar in the war against the Sun. The Mother of my first child. Seeing her was distubing. Her grey bat coat, her well kept wings, her precious ears, her lovely sunrise mane. Her eyes, those steel eyes. Showing worry. "No, no, no....he can't play this game. Not with me. I've moved on. He'd be foolish to think you would get the best of me." Artemis could see through this. Just more mind games from Torment. The bastard just wants to play out his last days.
" love....What terrible things you have caused." She began to weep. Her eyes crying as if terrible things were being brought to memory. "Your absence. Your banishment. You left left your Lunars. Y-You left your daughter! She couldn't even see her own Father. You give me this child just to abandone us both? What ever had we done? What did I do wrong?"
"Stop it..."
"Was it because I wasn't your favorite? Was it all I lie? Now you are marrying a new mare? You are.....Replacing me? For a musician? You gave her a child as well right? Are you gonna do the same to her? Abadone your family?"
"Never. I love my Fiancee"
"But you also loved me. And couldn't keep your word. You said you'd put an end to that war. And never came back....I was crushed. My whole world was nothing! You betrayed me! You left me to die!"
"Solaris banished me! I didn't banish myself! I planned out coming back! But he kept me from you!" I couldn't believe what I just said. I was blaming my Brother. For my mistakes. Why did I blame him. Was I still angry with him? I can't be. I couldn't be. I had forgiven him. Didn't I?
"I seems I was wrong to judge you, My Love~ I don't blame you for being gone~ Not anymore~ I'm glad you were honest~ That Brother of yours is a wicked Prince that never wanted to keep you happy~ Well I always wanted you Happy. And I could be happier without him~" The chills down my spine. How cowardis for Torment to hide behind the dream of my first love! I wanted to retort, but soon my view was surrounded by nothingness again. She was gone.
"Wanna play mind games?....Well I mastered how to play mindgames...." I spoke to myself, letting out a powerful sigh. This will all be ending soon.