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by on February 11, 2020
Dear Princess Celestia,
Ma always said that a good leader listens to her ponies. I hope this reaches you because me and my brother really need your help.
You see, me and my brother live near dodge junction on one of the apple farms. Im sure you heard what happened after the buffaloes attacked. It killed Ma, and we dont know where Pa went. We really need your help, because we are working really hard! And a scary stallion in a buisness coat says that if we wanna keep the farm, we have to give him alotta bits! So many bits that it aint possible for us to get them all! We need your help princess, we dont know how we could lose the farm, lose everything that Ma died to protect! I dont want to lie to ponies about what we are selling, but we cant just lose our home! Please princess, i know you are a good and just leader, please help us keep our home.
Flam Flimflam