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Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
by on April 23, 2020
Heyo! I figured I'd give some insight into each universe i'm in and how each differentiates from each other. This is to help confused newcomers to my universe get unconfused. Let's get started!
Now, there's a few common things to note within each timeline.
1. Me, Jewel, Skye, Skystar, and Yinu are ALWAYS together. We've stuck together through the thick and thin!
2. No matter what universe we're in, we always have the HQ.
3. We have contacts with different cartoon worlds within the Cartoon Universe.
4. Me and Jewel, despite being different species, are brother and sister.
5. The backstory is pretty much the same for me throughout all universes, though... the path can differ depending on the universe
6. Our #1 nemesis in every universe has and always will be the robot made of negative energy, Nega Stickbot Alpha.
7. My weakness is Water since i'm made of ink.
9. Mine and Jewel's favorite song is Press Start Together, while mine and Skystar's favorite song is One Small Thing. All 4 of our favorite's all together is Hands of a Slayer.
10. The Darkitect is still out there... planning... waiting for his revenge...
This is where the similarities end. Now for the differences!
Main Timeline
Skystar and I are not married and we're close friends. Currently dating a different one.
We have confidants with everyone in every world.
Flam hasn't killed himself and Flim. Las Pegasus was not destroyed.
We have discovered my former world and also discovered the USF Base.
We have contacts with Yinu, Mayday, and Zuke in Vinyl City.
Canterlot Avenue Timeline- This site's timeline
Me and Skystar are happily married, but we're restricted to Equestria.
Not everyone is friendly with us.
Flam killed himself and Flim and now the FlimFlam Co. hates us. It sucks. Las Pegasus was destroyed too.
We have not discovered my former world and also the USF Base. This is important to note.
Elements of Insanity Timeline
The major change is that me and the other 4 are villains and have gone insane from TF2 freaks going inside of us. This timeline we (the Main Timeline) clash with from time to time, depending on the story.
Nothing changes from the main timeline in terms of me and Skystar.
Everyone hates us.
Not much is known about Flim and Flam in this universe.
We've taken over Canterlot Castle and made it our base of operations.
Equinox Timeline
Not much is known about what happened to Skye or Skystar in this timeline. However, since me and Jewel inhaled the mutagen smoke from the mutagen stone in this timeline, we turned into monsters. Peaceful, but horrid monsters.
The only contacts we have in this world is some spider pony, and all of the Equinox 6 within the world. The Main Timeline and Canterlot Avenue Timeline is also in contact with this timeline too.
Amalgam Crisis Timeline
Since we were filled with unstable determination, Me and Jewel fused into what is known in this universe as Inkfeather. We are in contact with this fusion creation and we sometimes come to HELP_Tale's Underground to help with whatever's going on. This is the Main Timeline's contact, not the Canterlot Avenue Timeline's contact.
That's... pretty much it.
Knight Wolf's Timeline
Jewel's ribs are cracked in this timeline. They have had time to heal, and she's doing ok, but she cannot fly for long without being in pain. This shouldn't be a big complication, but it is a big deal.
Our HQ is now in a bunker hidden deep within the Crystal Mountains of Equestria. Our real HQ is being repaired, but at a slower rate thanks to Autumn's sabotage.
The upcoming space pirate arc, Dead Pirates Tell No Tales, has already happened in this timeline offscreen.
Skylanders Academy Timeline
I am currently dating Flashwing.
Our HQ is anchored to Skylanders Academy.
Most of our rogue's gallery has come to Skylanders Academy.
More universes to come, but this is to help others direct what's going on. Please take a look at this if you're ever confused on how I rp!
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Hey guys! I made this to help others get unconfused about each universe I am in. As I get into others's different universes, this list will be updated with whatever event is going on in that universe and how it's affected my storyline. Some events MAY affect the main universe, the prime universe, so...View More
//I have written down the "stickman" timeline on the "unity" blog in which I have posted. important to note that in that timeline, Las Pegasus was destroyed.
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
((Also, that timeline differs from the main timeline, as you can see here.))
Leslie Fair
well, "main" timeline is subjective. as that timeline sums up flams interaction with your character. in his realtion to you, that is flams main timeline. though not his "main" timeline.
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
((The main timeline differs from the canterlot Avenue timeline here. So basically this site's timeline is way different from the main timeline in my series.))
//and there are multiple timelines, not just the one you mention. flam being more of a villain, and all, more often than not you will get into conflicts. //
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
I updated this to include a new timeline. Take a look!
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Another update has been added to Knight Wolf's timeline. For those in Knight Wolf's RP, check it!