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Asuka Yakushi
by on May 20, 2020
"No no no! Not like that! Like this!" A red maned stallion shouts as he demonstrates a section of music on his guitar. "What do you mean Roy? That's what I'm playing." The straw hat wearing bassist protests as he repeats what he'd just played. Asuka slumps down on her stool. This was going to be a while. She snuggles up inside her hoodie as she tries to conserve body heat. Over on the broken couch the backup guitarist was doing the same. They were supposed to have band practice at Roy's place, but someone moved into the apartment above him so that was out of the question now. Asuka lived in an apartment block so there was no way they'd ever be allowed to practice in her apartment. That left Nar and Juno's run down dump of an apartment. A one room apartment with one bathroom, no bedrooms, and a kitchen that connected to the living room. The worst part? They didn't have any heating, or air conditioning.
The cold draft of Vanhoover's winter crept through whatever crevices it was able to, and filled the apartment with dry, frigid air. The tiny heater sitting in the middle of the band's circle did little to warm anyone up. "Could you two hurry up so we can get back to practicing?" The backup guitarist groans from the couch. "Shut your trap Juno! We can't afford to mess up tonight! If we do we'll be social outcasts for YEARS!" Roy snaps back. The backup guitarist rolls his eyes. "You're the only one who's trying to become famous here. Asuka joined because you and Nar are in it, and I joined because Nar convinced me to. And you know how Nar feels about the band." Roy throws his hooves in the air. "Then why stay?! Why not break off and form your own band!" To which Asuka replies. "Because we like seeing you suffer." She grins, causing the bassist, and backup guitarist to laugh. "Yeah. Seeing you stress out before a gig is hilarious. It wouldn't be if it weren't for the fact that we don't bomb, and you're always fine afterwards." Nar snickers. "Yeah dude. Just have some faith in us yeah? We may not be looking to be famous, but we still want to play good." Juno adds with a nod. "Whatever. Let's just take it from the top."
6 hours pass before the band finishes their last run-through. "Alright. That was good. Let's just hope we play that good on stage." Roy leans back in his chair, and unscrews the cap to a water bottle. "Relax Roy. We'll do fine." Nar responds as he reaches down towards a pizza box sitting on the floor. He watches in horror as a pink hoof dips down, and pulls the last slice of pizza from the box. "Yoink." Juno speaks as he starts packing up his guitar. "Yeah. The pizza guy liked our show." Asuka munches on the piece of cold cheese pizza she yoinked while the others converse. "So we're playing at Stinkin' Steve's right?" Asks Juno. "Yeah. Should be a good crowd there." Roy responds. "Oh! I'm buds with Steve! I might be able to get us some free drinks or something!" Cheers Nar. "Just because someone calls you bud when you drop off deliveries doesn't mean you're friends." Roy scoffs. To which Nar responds by holding up a photograph of he and a much larger stallion on a roller coaster. "We went to Hay Flags together! TWICE! And he paid both times! Despite me wanting to pay for myself." "AND YOU NEVER WENT WITH ME ONCE!" Juno shouts. "I was busy the first time you asked me! The second time you asked you ended up getting food poisoning!" Nar shouts back. Yep. Sounded like a normal band practice conversation to Asuka.
Winter in Vanhoover sucked. You either wore 7 layers, or you got frostbite. Asuka and her bandmates struggle through the snow covered sidewalks as they walk to their venue. They're largely silent throughout the walk. After 30 minutes of walking the group arrives at a decently sized bar with a large sign above it which reads "STINKIN' STEVE'S" with little neon stink lines. For once there was a line at the door with a bouncer. The group heads to the door, and is given a nod by the bouncer to allow them in. Once inside the quiet of the streets is replaced by the raucous noise of the rock club/bar. The group makes their way to the back to store the equipment before heading to the bar. As the group approaches the large stallion behind the counter smiles brightly. "Eyyy! If it ain't the best band on Coldstone street!" "We're the only band on Coldstone street." Asuka responds. "You guys ready to play tonight?" The big stallion continues making drinks as he speaks to the band. "Hell yeah!" Nar responds. "Sweet! You're on in 30, and we've got a BIG crowd tonight!" Steve leans in to whisper to the band. "I did a two for one special just so you guys would have a big crowd. Knock 'em dead." Nar grins before asking. "Oh yeah Steve. Think my friends could get some drinks after the show?" Steve nods stating "Play good enough and I'll give you as much alcohol as you can handle." He then adds "Except for the girl. I can't give alcohol to anyone under 21."
The noise of the bar permeated through the thin curtains. Behind the curtains the band is set up, and ready to play. They all exchange looks just before the lights behind the curtains go out. The curtain opens, and the stage lights dimly light the stage. For a moment the noise of the bar becomes quiet only to be interrupted. Asuka slams her drumsticks together, thrusts them to the sky, and shouts "WE ARE ATTACK ON MANGO! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!"
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