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Amity Guard
by on May 23, 2020
A cloud of steam left his breath as the red stallion looked out towards the snow swirling and blanketing the mountain range before him. High peaks rose as far as the eye could see, the mountains capped with a white hue that left them pale enough to blend in with the rest of the scenery around them. He would've been left there, amazed at how beautifully treacherous the landscape was before he was prodded from behind, one of two griffin sherpas nudging him to keep return back to the journey. Amity trudged forward through the ankle high snow as the roar of the wind battered against the cliff side. The group paused for a bit as they pressed against the wall of the mountain to let the gust fly past and settle before they continued pressing on.
The air around them was frigid and mercilessly cold, the three of them sporting thick winter coats and heavy boots for their hooves. Amity's horn stayed aglow with an aura that covered the group, protecting them from the full brunt of the freezing chill around them. Even with his magic, they could feel the frost in their bones. Even after the third day of traversing up the slippery slope of the mountainside, no one could get used to this cold. Well, maybe except for the wendigos and frost ogres that called this place their home. Despite all that, he trudged forward between the two griffins with thick down coats of feathers underneath their parkas. While the griffins did offer to fly him up, Amity was intent on reaching his destination through this proverbial ninth circle by accepting the trials and tribulations that came with climbing the majestic peak.
That is, until he heard a crumble underneath and his view was suddenly pointed towards the bleak gray sky above. The snow under him gave way as he began to plummet downward towards the white abyss underneath. His horn sparked to life as he formed a large bubble around his self, gritting his teeth as he began to drop tens of feet by the second. Amity's mind began to race. Protection from gravity? The wind would be too strong and would gust him away for miles. Protection from momentum? It would only cause him to fall without increasing velocity. He was out of ideas until he saw the blur of feathers fly past him and scoop him up. The large, powerful wings, now free from the confines of the parka, stretched and flap powerfully as they ascended back upward. The other sherpa did the same as her partner, taking both of the parkas and flying upward against the blasting gales of wind as if it was a light breezy day. Amity's heart was pounding through his ears before he realized what had happened, letting out the breath he had been holding the whole time.
"I could've survived, Séideán." Amity said over the roar of the wind around them, which only elicited a smirk from the large griffin carrying him up the side of the mountain.
"I'm well aware, Guard, but then we would've had to start the trek all over again." The griffin named Séideán flew to the side of his partner. "You are lucky we're already here."
The griffin sherpas flew in towards a large blanketed portion on the side of the mountain. As they approached, small glowing lights peered out through the veil of snow as a tucked in village inside the mountain face began to reveal itself. The griffin snow village of Albho. Amity let out a sigh.
"Thank the princesses. I could use some hot cocoa right about now."
Spirit Weaver
Is it time for...... the gang?
Spirit Weaver
hey you legally have to give me more. becuase your writing is always aces. and becuase like.... lore
Amity Guard
Gang. I'll give you the follow up you so desire