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Nar Kazunah
by on June 18, 2020
//Nar's backstory is pretty murky, and I haven't explored it much so here's an attempt to clear things up.
A lone stallion enters a remote cave situated near the middle of Mount Highmoor. A large rucksack is situated on his back. He's been to this exact cave many times before. Jek Kardul is a stallion of modest upbringing, and living. Though he's never been happy with his poverty things have been looking much better for the farmer in the past few years. 3 years ago Jek met a mare more beautiful that he had ever seen. After only a few days of talking the two began a romantic relationship in secret. Jek was a married stallion, and he couldn't afford to be caught having an affair. He loved his wife dearly. She was a perfectly sweet, and kind mare who supported him in all of his endeavors. Yet, something about this mare triumphed over his love for his wife. After 3 years here he was now, about to enter a remote cave with nothing more than last month's yield.
Jek travels down the tunnel for 10 minutes before the warm glow of fire begins to reach around the bend. Continuing around the corner Jek finds the room that serves as his lover's dwelling. A hoard of gold, silver, trinkets, and gems piled high near every wall of the room. In the middle of the room sits a luxurious bed. Atop that bed lies a mare. She has a peach fur coat, with a long, flowing, golden mane, and tail. Her emerald eyes were filled with a shine that shouldn't be possible. As the mare affixes her gaze on Jek she beckons with her hoof. It was as if a spell had been cast on the farmer. He drops his rucksack, and goes to join the mare.
Jek spends 3 nights with his lover. During the day the lover leaves Jek in the cave. She returns at night with spoils from the day's hunt. The mare is careful to never allow Jek to see her true form. At the end of the third day Jek's rucksack is emptied of it's contents, and the contents are replaced with an assortment of currencies. After one last night together Jek departs to head back down the mountain to his village. The mare's work is not done however. Though her lover has begun his journey home the mare has business in his village. Business she would rather not be seen doing.
After nearly a month of travel Jek arrives back at his village with his riches. He's been amassing wealth to finally move into the nearby town of Keldon, and this last rucksack of gold should give him enough to live comfortably. As Jek arrives in the village he finds a great commotion around his house. Jek pushes his way through the crowd, and makes his way inside. Sitting up in the bed is his wife Kylin. In her hooves is a foal wrapped in cloth. For a moment Jek freezes. He has no recollection of his wife ever having been pregnant. Nor does he remember his wife wishing for a child. Even worse is that the child is a unicorn. Both he and his wife are earth ponies like many others in the village. The only other unicorn in the village was the elder, but he was too old.
Jek's rucksack makes a large 'THUD' as he drops it to the floor. The coins inside jingle as they are tossed about the rucksack. As Jek approaches Kylin he bends over to get a better look at the child. Something pokes his side, causing him to reach into his coat pocket. Jek removes a folded piece of parchment from his coat pocket, and unfolds it to read.
You may notice a surprise when you return home. I have born a child. Your child. One that is not a dragon, or dragonborn. Thus, I am incapable of taking care of it. I have taken the liberty to bring the child to it's home so you may raise it. Your wife shall claim to have given birth to the child. I trust you will not dispute that claim. You know what would happen should you speak the truth. I wish you luck in your newfound fatherhood.
Jek becomes paralyzed as the words tumble through his mind. He knew of the rumors. He knew of the accounts. Yet when all of the signs hinted towards it he never could have guessed Chrysum was a dragon. Not in a million years. Only the voice of his wife Kylin is able to break him from his trance. "Nar. I think I'll name him Nar." She looks to him with the happiest smile he's ever seen. "What do you think?" "Nar... That's a great name." A forced smile wriggles it's way onto Jek's face. From now on he'd be raising a child he neither wanted, nor expected. His plans to move into town would be on hold.
Topics: lore, dragon