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Nar Kazunah
by on June 21, 2020
//No travel post today. Have a pleasant lore post instead.
The sound of fillies and colts at play permeates the early evening in the small village of Frakkas. The farmers and craftsmen are hard at work, while the rest of the village goes about it's business. Hunters, and foragers scour the nearby woods for food. Mares weave clothing, cloths, and linens. Others bake bread, and prepare meals. The elder sits outside of his home giving counsel to those seeking it, and the traders who have come into the village retreat into their tents for the night, or head to villagers' houses with foods to dine with them.
Kylin Kazunah removes a loaf of bread from her stone oven, and places it on the dinner table. Sitting at the table is a stallion dressed in a finely woven robe. Kylin converses with the stallion as she heads over to check on the steamed vegetables. Taking a look outside the house's front window Kylin smiles as she observes her son playing with the other village children. They appeared to be playing a spirited game of tag.
"Miss Kazunah, please allow me to once again thank you for inviting me to dine with your family tonight. I have heard much about the villagers of Frakkas, and their hearty meals. I'm very excited to see if these rumors are true." The trader looks at the table in front of him. He believed there was enough to feed 4 ponies on this table, yet there was still more food to come. The mare turns back to her guest with a pleasant smile. "Why certainly Mister Calding. We here in Frakkas do enjoy a good meal, and we never allow a guest to go home hungry." The trader bows his head in response. "You are too kind Miss Kazunah. I'm not sure I deserve such hospitality. After all, we are just passing through." Kylin dismisses the statement with her hoof. "Oh hush. Every guest deserves hospitality."
A knock at the door grabs the attention of both ponies inside the house. Kylin heads to the door and opens it to find a rather slim, tall unicorn stallion. The stallion is wearing the outfit of a teacher (1700's), and a pair of spectacles rests on his snout. "Good evening Miss Kazunah. I hope I'm not interrupting anything important." "Oh not at all Mr. Baron! Please come in! We were just about to have dinner!" Kylin steps aside to allow the teacher inside before closing the door behind him. "Ah. I see you have a guests. Perhaps I should come back at a later date." The teacher begins to step back towards the door, only for Kylin to stop him. "It's okay Mr. Baron. Please have a seat." The teacher reluctantly nods, and sits at the table. "Now, Miss Kazunah I have come to talk with you about your son." Kylin's face expresses worry as she stands near the teacher. "Oh my. Has he done something wrong Mr Baron?" The teacher shakes his head. "Not at all Ms Kazunah. It's just that Nar hasn't been paying attention during lessons as of late. I'm worried there may be something on his mind."
Before Kylin can speak again a stallion enters the home, and quickly disappears into the main bedroom. The conversation continues. "Is that so Mr Baron? I'll ask him about this later." Kylin then opens the front door, and pokes her head out to shout. "Nar! Dinner is ready! It's time to come inside!" It takes the straw hatted colt a few seconds to say goodbye to the other children before he rushes towards the house. Upon entering the house the colt stops, and bows his head towards the teacher. "Hello Mr Baron." The teacher smiles as he looks down at the little colt. "Hello Nar. Did you have fun playing with the other children?" The colt looks up smiling brightly. "Yes Mister Baron! We played Tag, and I didn't get tagged at all!" At this point the stallion from earlier exits the main bedroom in a different set of clothing, and heads to the dining table where he sits next to the trader. "Looks like we have company." The stallion smiles, and outstretches a hoof to the trader. "Jek Kardul. This is my son Nar. I'm sure you've already met my wife." After a hoofshake Jek motions to the colt, and Kylin. "Johan Calding. Your wife has been an excellent host Mr Kardul." The trader beams.
Following a few pleasantries, and some mild conversation the group sits at the table, and gives thanks for the food before they begin to eat. Nar tells the adults about his discovery of him being able to shape, and move small rocks. The trader tells tales of distant lands filled with riches, and beautiful landscapes, and Mr Baron informs the group of the progress of his students. After Nar has finished eating Kylin takes him to his room where he is put to bed. When she returns she finds the three stallions engaged in a conversation. "I'm simply worried for the boy is all. He spends too much time daydreaming, and can't remember his lessons." Mr Baron huffs. "My boy was never one to enjoy staying in one place. Maybe he just needs some incentive to stay on track." Jek states. "I'm sorry Mr Kardul, but I'm afraid unless your son stays after lessons for tutoring I'm afraid I cannot give your son any incentives. The boy just doesn't pay attention." At this point the trader speaks up. "Well Mr Baron if there's one thing I've learned from my travels it's that not everyone follows the same path. Perhaps the boy isn't able to complete his lessons. There are surely many other opportunities for him." Mr Baron adjusts his glass, and nods. "I suppose you are correct Mr Calding. I hadn't thought of the situation in such a way. He does seem to have some latent magical talent. Perhaps the elder may have some counsel."
With that, the conversation ends, and the guests depart. The table is cleaned, and both Jek, and Kylin retire to the bedroom for the night. The trading caravan would be departing tomorrow, and things would go back to normal in the village.
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