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Smoke (Obsilion)
by on July 15, 2020
It was a rather cool evening in Equestria. It would have been nice if the gray stallion didn't already have a lot on his mind. Obsilion would currently be wandering deep inside the Everfree forest, trying to clear his head a bit. He hasn't been in of minds. In fact, he hasn't been well at all. He's been having a lot of mental troubles lately. It even got to the point where he had to hire someone to take care of his daughter for him, at least until he gets better. He had just come from a doctor’s appointment, thinking that this illness of his was probably magical. Sadly, that wasn't the case, or at least according to the doctor he saw that wasn't the case.
So here he was. Just wandering the Everfree and clearing his mind. That's until he is brought back to reality by what he thinks is a figment of his imagination. This "figment of his imagination" was himself..just a happier and more relaxed version of himself. Now, this figment had manifested itself to Obsilion about a week ago and has been a major thorn in his side ever since.
The figment would smile as he walked with Obsilion and would begin to converse with him. "So..Where are we going buddy?" he would ask, that smile still on his face as they walked.
Obsilion would growl a bit in response as he continues to travel deeper into the Evefree. "Why are you still here?” he would ask this figment of his.
The figment chuckles a bit. "I can’t really leave you silly. You need help."
Obsilion would stop walking and glare at this figment. "And you are supposed to help? Sorry asshole, but you haven't been helping at all."
The figment smiles and stops walking. “...You refuse to accept my help. I've listened to you for a while. You asked me for help and yet you refuse to accept my help."
Obsilion blinks at hearing this. Something didn't sound right about what this figment just said. What did it mean "he asked for its help.”? Something isn't right about this. Obsilion would raise an eyebrow at what he now thinks is possibly some sort of spirit. "...You aren't me at all...are you?” he asks the entity.
It chuckles a bit. “...Well..Not exactly..Not entirely."
Obsilion blinks at this. "Not entirely? If that's the case then what are you? And why am i the only one that can see you?"
The entity grins at him"You poor child. Haven't you figured it out already?"
Obsilion thinks for a moment. "...You're...You're the Tree Of Harmony...Aren't you?"
The tree smiles and nods. "That i am. And i have been listening to you for quite some time. I've been watching you from the moment you crashed here..And ever since you came back. I've watched you grow here. And I've listened to your troubles. You used to hate my world. Now you call it your home...You asked me for help. And so i want to help. That is why i have taken a form to look like you. I felt this would be the best way to go about helping you. So here we are. And now that you've figured it out...Its time that i actually start helping you."
Obsilion takes a step back"...What do you mean?..."
The tree smiles. "Ghost of Requium versus the Tree of Harmony. You and I are going to fight."
Obsilion huffs in response. "I do not accept."
That's when the Tree of Harmony hit the requian with a telepathy blast, sending the soldier through several trees and into a boulder.
Upon hitting the boulder, the rock would shatter and Obsilion would cough up some neon blue blood as he fell over. A moment later, Obsilion would get up and growl at the Tree of Harmony, his right eye glowing a bit. "Fine then..." he growls more as the smoke coming from his body turns to volcanic ash and his body starts to conduct lightning.
The Tree of Harmony smiles at him. "Good. Trust me..this will help...Go all out. Do not hold back at all. Break your limits."
Obsilion roars loudly, sending out a large burst of energy as his right eye turns to a black and white seal, his Eye of Restoration activating. His body would now glow a bit as his powers grow a little in strength.
The Tree of Harmony smiles at seeing this. "The Eye of Restoration....I haven't seen it in so long.."
Obsilion would waste no time. He would quickly move in and attack the Tree of Harmony. The pupil in his left eye had dilated to the point where one could barely see it. He was about to break at any second.
The Tree of Harmony takes notice of this immediately and grins as it dodges the requian’s attacks quickly and swiftly. “Good. Very good. Keep pushing. I want you to break. I want you to feel it all. All of your pain. All of your anger. All of your sadness. All of your fear. All of your hatred. All of that pent-up aggression…I want you to feel every last bit of it. I want BREAK.”
Right then and there, Obsilion would break. His pupil would disappear and he would roar again, sending out another large wave of energy throughout the area. Obsilion would now attack the Tree of Harmony, using all of his strength and all of his skill.
The Tree of Harmony giggles as it blocks and doges the attacks with only a little bit of trouble. The Tree of Harmony seemed to be enjoying this.
Obsilion continues to get angrier and angrier. Soon his smoke would start to act like tentacles and would try to thrust themselves into the Tree. As this happens, Obsillion would use the carbon around him to form small spike darts and fire them all over the place. The darts would explode as soon as thy touched anything.
The Tree of Harmony would immediately use its power to freeze Obsilion in place. A white aura would suddenly appear around Obsilion’s body as the entity extends a hoof. The Tree would sigh and smile softly. “There we go. Can’t have you destroying this area now can we child?”
Obsilion growls at the entity as he struggles to break free from its magical grasp.
The Tree of Harmony smiles and sits down, watching him as he struggled. “….You feel it don’t you….This is the abuse that you’ve taken from your uncle…and the abuse that you give to yourself everyday…This is why you break due to extreme situations…You keep it all bottled up…and you burry it so deep..I want you to focus…Concentrate on these emotions. Then let go…I want you to try it. Just simply let go of your pain. Let your emotions show. Even if only for a moment. Let it all go.”
Obsilion roars in response part of him wanted to listen. Part of him really wanted to let go, but another part of him didn’t think he was ready to do so.
The Tree of Harmony sighs a bit. “…Obsilion..I cant help you unless you let me. You need to let go.”
Obsilion stops struggling and slowly calms down. His eyes would slowly go back to normal as he slowly relaxed. As this happened, tears would form in his eyes.
The Tree of Harmony smiles softly as it continues to watch. “Good…Let it all out.” The entity tells him as it lets go of its magical grip on him.
Obsilion growls a little and looks away a bit as he lets his tears fall from his cheeks. “…Why did you make me break?...”
The Tree of Harmony keeps its smile and leans against a tree as it relaxed. “Why? Because, there is something I want you to learn.”
Obsilion growls angrily. “What could I possibly learn from losing my fucking mind!”
The Tree of Harmony now wears a serious expression as it looks at Obsilion. “…You truly are the weakest of your kind, Obsilion….You truly are the weakest warrior that I have ever seen in my entire existence…”
Obsilion looks at the entity and raises an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"
The Tree of Harmony just stares at him. " You are weak. Not just physically, but also mentally...You gave up Obsilion. You chose to die. You didn't have to. But you chose to. You chose to accept your uncle's abuse. You chose to rid yourself of all emotions. You chose to die. Because you made that choice, you've become weak. Your mind cant handle the strain anymore. And your is slowly falling apart. All of the physical and mental abuse is finally catching up to you. And you cant take it. But you fail to see that. Its because you chose to live life like you're already dead. This is why you are weak."
Obsilion calms down and stares at the entity. He didn't know what to say. There was nothing to say. The entity's words were true. As much as he didn't want to admit it, it was all true. There are no excuses. For the first time in forever, he broke down in tears. All of his pain, all of those suppressed emotions. It all came back and punched him right in the face. All he could do was sit there, look down, and cry.
The Tree of Harmony would smile softly as it watched. "..Good..Let it all go. You don't have to hold onto it anymore."
Obsilion continues to sob for a little while. He soon regains his composure and wipes his own tears away as he slowly looks at the entity.
The Tree of Harmony would keep it's smile as he does. "..Feeling better?"
Obsilion looks away slightly. "...I guess..."
The Tree of Harmony nods. "Good. Meet me at the cave." the entity would tell him before disappearing.
Obsilion just stands there for a moment. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know how to feel. What makes it worse is that he knows that this entity knows exactly how to get to him. He was at loss for words. For the first time in forever he was nervous, scared in fact. Whats next? Well...Only one way to find out. He slowly starts walking, making his way to the ravine, then to the cave where the Tree of Harmony resides.
Once Obsilion entered the cave, the Tree of Harmony would glow bright for a moment before taking on a new form. This time it would take the form of Obsilion's adopted daughter, Lilac. Once the tree dimmed a bit, the entity would smile at Obsilion in its new form. "How are you feeling?"
Obsilion blinks at the question, then looks down a bit s he walks over to the entity. ".......Scared...Nervous...Lost......I'm afraid of whats next...."
The entity would giggle a little"Whats next, eh?..Well, whats next is you do exactly what i want you to do." The entity looks Obsilion in the eyes. "I want you to learn to live."
Obsilion blinks at this and looks at the entity. "..What do you mean you want me to learn to live?"
The entity smiles more. "You've learned how to die. Because of that you have been living life like you're already dead. I want you to learn how to live life like you're still alive. What I'm trying to do is revive the dead. You learned how to die. Now i want to bring you back to life. I want you to learn how to live."
Obsilion stares at the entity. "...I....I see..."
The entity nods"I will teach you. I will teach how to live."
Obsilion blinks and tilts his head slightly as he sits down. "....Why are you offering to teach me?.."
The entity smiles and looks towards the tree. "...What do you know of my Elements of Harmony?"
Obsilion looks towards the tree as well. "..The Elements of Harmony...They can be called many things....Weapons of destruction, Tools of friendship. Symbols of peace...I think of them as a gift. A gift of power given to the world from you. I know six mares now wield them..I know that no one quite knows the true devastating power that the elements possess.."
The entity nods"...Can i tell you a secret? Of course i can. There is another dimension that is very much similar to this one, but its human...I've branched out into that world and formed the same Elements of Harmony that i have in this dimension in the human dimension...I've even made a seventh element in the human dimension."
Obsilion's eyes widen slightly. "Seven elements?"
The entity smiles and nods. "..You asked me why am i offering to teach you. I'm offering to teach you because i want you to be my seventh element..I want you to be my Element of Change."
Obsilion sits there and stares at the entity. He was a bit in shock. He didn't know what to say or how to react.
The entity looks at him. "..My world and my ponies will be entering a new age. Soon there will come a season of change. I want you to be the one to lead my creatures through these changes. That's why i am willing to tech you. I believe you will become a wonderful addition to the family."
Obsilion looks towards the tree as he now starts to think.
The entity watched him. "I will even tell you a few secrets that not many know. That's if anyone knows these secrets at all....So, what do you say? Will you accept?"
Obsilion looks down a bit as he thinks on this for a moment. After a while of thinking, he turns to the entity and nods. "...I...I accept..I will become your Element of Change."
The entity smiles. "..Welcome to the family. I'm glad you accepted my offer."
A moment later, the Tree of Harmony would glow as well as Obsilion's cutie mark. As this happened, Obsilion felt a wave of harmony magic hit him and rush through his body. It was unlike anything he could imagine. He almost got lost in the feeling. When this happened, a gray crystal would form in between him and the Tree of Harmony. Soon, the tree and Obsilion's cutie mark would stop glowing. By this time, the crystal had formed a necklace in between the two. This necklace resembled his cutie mark, just like the other six elements resembles the six mares's cutie marks.
Obsilion would stare at the necklace, tilting his head slightly as he does.
The entity smiles softly. "I will be keeping this hidden for now..Starting next week, we will begin your....I guess we can call it rehabilitation for now. We will meet two days a week. One of those days will be for rehab. The other day will just be me telling you what you want to know. Until then, i recommend that you get some rest and spend some time with your daughter. I'm sure she will appreciate it."
Obsilion nods slowly, then turns and makes his way towards the exit of the cave.
The entity watches him. "Obsilion."
Obsilion would stop at the exit of the cave.
The entity tilts its head. "Tell me..How are you feeling right now at this moment?"
Obsilion doesn't answer. He didn't need to. Words were not needed at this moment. He just stands there for a moment. He doesn't even turn to look at the tree. Within that moment he smiles a bit before leaving.
The entity smiles. "Heh...Looks like we better get ready...Change is coming." . With that, the necklace would disappear along with the form the Tree of Harmony took on. Now the Tree of Harmony just stands there in the cave. As tall and as proud as ever. It was now as if nothing happened at all.