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Commander Wyatt Ryder
by on July 27, 2020
The bag was over his head, his hands tied and bound, a wad of socks in his mouth to stop him speaking. Or calling for help. He could see virtually nothing. They got him while he was sleeping, cowardly bastards. No way to signal for help...
'As if you need it.'
No... Not again.
'You could break this binds and take these wet dishcloths and be back in time for dinner.'
'No! That's not me anymore.'
'Is it not? Then why am I here? In your head? For posterity's sake? Don't be a fool.'
The silent conversation in his head came to an abrupt halt as so did their ride. A carriage presumably. He was taken out and had the hood dragged off of him. He was in the middle of the woods. Lovely. And the ponies surrounding him had masks on. Assassins? One removed the wad that was acting as a gag to stop him speaking. "I didn't think you ponies had it in you to try and kill someone, especially me. Well played. I'd clap, but as it is..."
The apparent leader of this little assassin cabal then stepped forward. "Silent creature! You will not taint the royal bloodline wi-"
Wyatt then suddenly burst out into song, with the leader trying to speak in between only for Wyatt to increase the volume as he did. "It's a long wayyyyyy, to Tipperary! It's a loooong wayyyyy, to gooooooo!" he ended up shouting, leading to the leader looking around worriedly in case anyone heard apart from those present. They didn't. "Look, I get the idea, I've heard it all before. Blah blah blah, kill you, blah blah blah, curse you, blah blah, our plans, blah. The only real question is how. Slit my throat, dump me in the river? Oh oh oh! Maybe you want to beat me up a bit first! Hogtie me and drag me through the woods?!" Wyatt guessed bouncing up and down on his knees as he guessed, sounding far more excited than perhaps he should be right now, more like a kid in a candy shop.
The assassins all looked at each other, unsure of what was happening exactly, it seemed. "I... We were planning... Ahem, to... Kill you, yes... By stabbing you!" the leader exclaimed as if proud of this plan, also caught extremely off guard by Wyatt's reaction to the whole thing.
Wyatt deflated a bit when the leader told him. "Really? That's it? Not very original or fun..." he mumbled with a sigh. "No bloody creativity with this lot, I tell you..." Wyatt grumbled to himself, shaking his head out of disappointment.
The leader tried to continue unperturbed, but he was. Very much so. "W- We will sacrifice you, for..." He couldn't finish, the words escaping him as he expected his captive to be begging for mercy, or offering obscene death threats. But he just sat there, staring at the leader, cocking his head slightly. That visibly freaked him out, which the others noticed, also paying attention to Wyatt's body language. Calm. Collected. Serene. As if this was the most normal thing in the world for him. His eyes, predator like, piercing them.
Wyatt spoke up very suddenly, startling the ponies around him. "You know I've often wondered if I could physically pry a pony's upper jaw from their head?" he asked, almost sizing the leader up. "I'm thinking I could. It'd make a cool trophy, don't you think?" Wyatt asked, not just the leader but all present, who were increasingly growing unsure by his unshaken body language.
The leader simply stopped speaking now. He'd heard of the Commander's battle prowess, but he was sure they had him. They had him tied up, at their mercy... Yet none could shake the feeling it was they who were trapped. "G-gag him again." he ordered, trying to take back control of the situation from Wyatt.
Wyatt gave a hmmf. "One chance to surrender." he offered everypony. None took him up on it. "Forgive me..." Wyatt mumbled to himself quietly. When one of the others came near with the wad, Wyatt lunged at him. The pony fell backwards, screaming bloody murder while rolling on the ground, clutching in futile with hooves at a wound on their neck, while Wyatt tugged once at his binds, breaking them, before standing his full height over the ponies, who's ears were now pinned back, and their expressions turned to terror. "Now then... Who's next?" he asked with a smirk on his face.