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Hiari Yakushi
by on July 31, 2020
According to the other agents in the room getting the jitters before a meeting like this was common. Only the Special Agent-in-Charge wasn't usually missing like he was now. The three other agents in the room are sitting around a well made circular wooden table. They've all grouped up towards one end of the table, leaving the other end open with it's own chair. Hiari stands guard by the door. Everyone's wearing formal clothing. Suits and ties. Stuff like that. The room is mostly silent until there's a knock at the door. Hiari peeks through the peephole, and unlocks the door to open it.
A slightly less well dressed Gryphon with a rather bushy mustache cautiously makes his way into the condo. "Guys are waiting for you inside. Go take a seat." Hiari closes, and locks the door behind the man to make sure the meeting stays private. An aura of uncertainty seeps throughout the room, as both the agents undercover, and the gryphon give their greetings. The gryphon sits across the table from the three agents, and Hiari approaches to ask. "Can I get you boys anything to drink?" The agents each ask for a 'cold one', and the gryphon responds with "I'll have what they're having." With a small nod Hiari scoots off to the kitchen, and grabs four alcoholic beverages from the fridge, along with a lime soda for herself. Once the drinks had been handed out, and some small talk made the meeting began in earnest.
The gryphon clears his throat. Now that he's certain this place isn't bugged he can speak freely. "So. The shipment. You've got the money ready right?" One of the Senior Agents nods. "Yeah. Safe and sound. Nobody's getting their hands on that money until your guys pick it up. 30,000 bits ready and waiting." The gryphon nods. "Good. Good. Now we'll have to-" the room freezes as a stallion steps into the room from one of the bedrooms. He's wearing a red velvet bathrobe, and matching fuzzy slippers. His head swivels back and forth over the room. "Let's make this quick boys. I've got places to be." The stallion's voice commands authority, but not in a 'police/federal agent' way. It's more of a 'Gang leader/Drug kingpin' way. So that's where the Special Agent-in-Charge was.
Things became much more relaxed after the 'boss' went back to his bedroom. The four stallions at the table talked much more freely. They made jokes, told small stories, and quickly wrapped up the deal. Once it was all said and done the arrangements were made, and the gryphon leaves the condo. The agents breathe a collective sigh of relief. They'd done their job for now. Now it was up to other teams to do their part.