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Asuka Yakushi
by on August 27, 2020
//Taking a break from the kiddie lore posts to do a more recent one I've had in mind for a while.
1 year ago, Vanhoover, 3 weeks into winter.
A thick blanket of snow has coated Vanhoover. The road crews have been working tirelessly to keep the roads from icing over, and many citizens have been shoveling the sidewalks almost hourly to keep them visible. Which is lucky for the group of four running nearly full speed down Pine Street. Three of which appear to be wearing guitar cases.
"Hurry up! We're gonna be late!" The straw hatted stallion at the head of the group calls back to the others. About 5 feet behind him a blonde mare shouts back. "We wouldn't be late if Roy hadn't taken an hour to get ready!" Which causes the red maned stallion in the back to scream "I didn't even know we were invited to this party until two hours ago!" Again the stallion in the front shouts back. "I told you a month ago!" "DAMMIT NAR! I FORGOT OKAY?!"
After 10 minutes of near full sprint running, the group finally arrives at their destination. Atop a hill in the Vanhoover suburbs sits what could only be described as a 'mini-mansion' with a rather large line waiting at the front gate. "Aw dude! It's gonna take us an hour to get in! We play in 10 minutes!" Roy cups his hooves over his face. "Roy. Did you forget? We have special invites." Nar shakes his head before he begins walking past the line. The others watch for a moment before Asuka elects to follow. The other two catch up not long after.
The band approaches the front gate while receiving glares from many of those standing in the line. Once they reach the gate they find two bouncers. One who appears to be 'approving' certain people in the line, and another standing at the other side of the gate alone. Nar approaches the second bouncer. "Invite?" Nar nods, and produces 3 small invitation letters, and one larger one reading 'Entertainment.' The bouncer looks past Nar to the three standing behind him, and nods before opening the gate to let the band in.
It was as if the band had been let into party heaven. A stone walkway leads up the hill to the mini-mansion which already appeared to have music blasting from inside. For a few seconds the group finds themselves in stunned silence. A hoarse Roy breaks the silence. "Uh. Nar? Who's party is this again?" Roy's eyes fixate as Nar's head turns to look back at him. His grin is mildly unsettling. "Mandi Fullbright's." "FUCK!" Roy throws his hooves into the air only to bring them down, and nearly rip a chunk out of his mane. "You ass!" Juno leans in to Asuka and covers one side of his mouth to whisper. "Who's Mandi Fullbright again?" Asuka responds "Roy's old girlfriend. The one who became a popular model." "Oooooooh. Got it." Asuka looks to her cousin as he begins to open the front door. "You did this on purpose didn't you?" "Oh yeah."
The foyer of the mansion was already filled with party goers, and it seemed like the same could be said for many of the other rooms on the first floor. Of course, that was to be expected. Mandi Fullbright's parties were some of the largest events to occur in Vanhoover. Getting into one of her parties was the goal of every social young adult in Vanhoover. Anyone who could say they got to see her in person was automatically elevated to god status. Mandi was like some sort of goddess. You rarely ever saw her in person, but she had 'worshipers' everywhere. Her presence alone was enough to stop a whole room in it's tracks. It was hard to go anywhere in public without hearing her name.
"So. Where do we set up?" Juno looks to his friend, but he gets no response. It felt like the entire world froze over. All eyes in the room gravitated towards the stairwell to the second floor as the goddess herself appeared with a team of bodyguards. As she came down the stairs party goers parted to allow her 10 feet of space. If they didn't, her bodyguards did. Which is why the members of Attack on Mango were perplexed when the bodyguards parted and Mandi herself approached them. Others looked on in awe. Following a few seconds of stunned silence Mani smiles, and approaches to give each of the members (except Roy) a hug, and two cheek kisses. None of the three move. "I'm glad you were able to show up. I was afraid my bouncers had mistakenly held you up. You were able to get in without any issues weren't you?" In the back Roy did his best to hide himself. He didn't want to do so much as look at Mandi for more than 2 seconds. He'd always regarded his split with her to be the second greatest mistake of his life. His first was starting a band with these guys.
"U-uh. Yeah. We got here just fine." Nar speaks up. Asuka's stunned silence is quickly broken as she reverts back to her usual 'no BS' attitude. "So where do we set up?" Others around her gasped. She was being rather impatient for someone who was being graced with a conversation with Mandi Fullbright. However, Mandi's demeanor was not changed. "Oh! Right! You'll be playing on the stage in the dining room. I'm very excited to hear your show." Roy grinds his teeth. Every word Mandi speaks is like poison to his ears. She's GOT to be sarcastic about this. This HAS to be some sort of ploy to get back at him. There's no way she actually wanted to hear the trash they came up with. Looking to the others he could tell Asuka seemed to be thinking the same. Thought it looked as though Juno and Nar were utterly convinced. Regardless, Asuka thanks Mandi for the directions before grabbing Nar to drag him towards the dining room. Roy tugs Juno's shirt and motions when he turns to look. "C'mon. Let's get set up." He quickly glances to Mandi before he goes off with Juno to the dining room.
The band sets up in full view of the party goers in the dining room. Rather than the usual long rectangular table set out in such a large dining room there were dozens of smaller circular tables with seats for up to four. Around the sides of the room were tables filled with snacks, and drinks. There was even an open alcohol cabinet in the back that appeared to be quite popular. The band sets up in silence. They check, and re-check their equipment. Once they've confirmed everything is connected, and ready to go the band assumes their positions.
Roy stares out at the crowd of people with all eyes on the stage. Mandi watches from an elevated seat closer to the stage. He's overwhelmed with fear. What if they blow it? What if the people here hate rock? What if he makes a fool of himself? What if- "WE ARE ATTACK ON MANGO!" Asuka's scream yanks Roy back into the moment. Her shouts, and the clacking of drumsticks forces his mind to focus. "ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!"
To be continued.
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