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Asuka Yakushi
by on August 29, 2020
"Dude! We nailed that show!" Nar's enthusiasm radiated to the rest of the band huddled around a table in the dining room of the mini-mansion. This time the enthusiasm was well earned instead of just being hopeless encouragement like it normally was. Juno lifts a bottle, and nods in agreement. Asuka also nods, though she is not holding a bottle. Of the four bandmates crowded around the flimsy plastic table only one was unsure of their success. Roy stands with his unblinking eyes staring at a specific tile on the floor. He's been staring at this tile ever since the band made their way to the table. There was just no way they had played that good. This had to be a setup by Mandi. Get the whole party in on some plan to make them feel good about themselves before utterly humiliating them. What was she going to do though? Reveal some deep secrets? Call them to the stairwell to be mocked and laughed at? Or maybe use her influence to run them out of Vanhoover. It had happened to her last ex, and Roy was not keen on it happening to him.
Roy's trance is only broken when Asuka slaps the back of his head. "Wake up geezer." The world rushes back into Roy's mind, and he remembers his bandmates are here too. He immediately grabs the bottle he'd placed on the table in front of him, and nearly downs the whole thing in one go. "Holy crap dude. Have you not had anything to drink all day?" Nar speaks up upon seeing this. He has is own bottle, but the contents are not quite as 'straightforward' as the contents of Roy's bottle. "Beer isn't exactly a good way to hydrate. I've told you that a million times Stubs." Asuka shakes her head as she speaks. 'Stubs' God Roy hated that nickname. He'd been given that nickname in High School when he first met the others. Given that nickname of course, because of his struggle to grow any facial hair more than a stubble. Something he still struggled with to this day. It used to be a funny nickname, mostly used by Asuka while they were dating, but now it was just annoying. The others knew it annoyed him. That's why they tended to use it a lot.
While the others talked about how well their show went Roy just pretended to listen. Asuka talked about how loud the cheers were during the show. Juno said he could see Mandi dancing in her seat, and Nar talked about how everyone seemed to be focused on the show after it started. Roy said nothing. This was a first for the others. Playing to a crowd larger than about 40 was new to them. It wasn't to Roy. He'd let them have their moment though. No point in ruining the moment. As it turns out however, Roy didn't need to do anything to stop the conversation.
The sea of guests parted as the hostess, and goddess of the party once again approached the rag-tag band. She was trying her hardest to contain how excited she was. Mandi Fullbright, a slightly tall, slender unicorn with peach colored fur, and a long light pink mane that almost seemed to sparkle. Her excitement was just barely masked by the typical pleasant smile she wore on her face though Roy could tell she was straining to keep it a small smile. After approaching Mandi once again hugs, and kisses the cheeks of each of Roy's bandmates while seeming to ignore him. She starts to tell the others about how great they did, and about how much everyone liked it. Once again Roy stops paying attention to the conversation. Even when he's mentioned directly by Mandi. He doesn't tune back into the conversation until after it had ended. Mandi turns to leave only to stop, turn her head, and beckon with a hoof. At first Roy is confused as to who she's motioning to, but he quickly learns the answer when Asuka and Nar follow behind. The sea of people closes back in, and obscures Roy's view leaving he and Juno suddenly alone.
Roy's paranoia kicks into high gear. "Juno! What were they talking about?!" Roy almost grabs Juno's shoulders to shake him. "Mandi congratulated us for the performance, and we talked about it for a bit. Then when she was about to leave she asked Nar and Asuka to follow her for some reason and they left with her." The weight of the situation comes crashing down on Roy. "Fuck! I knew it! She's going to use them against me!" He begins to pace back and forth in front of the table. Soon he'd be forced out of Vanhoover, and he'd have to start a new life. He thinks about leaving now to go pack his things first, but he never bothers to leave the table.
The only time people parted for Asuka to pass was usually when she was in uniform. Yet here she was with people giving her a minimum of 7 feet as she and her cousin followed behind the party's hostess, and her bodyguards surrounding them. She can hear whispers coming from the crowd. Apparently people were calling her, and Nar 'chosen', and 'lucky.' Mandi turns out into the foyer where she heads to the stairs, and begins to ascend. At first Asuka and Nar stop at the foot of the steps. Even someone as out of the loop as they were knew you didn't go up Mandi Fullbright's stairs without being personally asked to do so. Yet, the bodyguards asked them to continue up the stairs so they did. They ascend the stairs, and take a turn to the right before heading out of sight of the other partygoers. At this point the bodyguards seem to stay behind as Mandi leads the two down a hallway into a room.
The room is lavish, filled with a few very comfortable looking seats, two large poofy couches, a few small tables, a few TVs, and a private bar. Asuka has no idea what to think as Mandi asks the two to have a seat. The two oblige and sit on one of the couches. "Sorry to be so mysterious, but not many people know about this room. If everyone knew if had a VIP room like this they'd be swarming me to get access." The two cousins sit still confused. Nar is the first of the two to speak. "So... Why bring us up here?" To which Mandi's poise seems to drop as she plops herself down on a seat across from the two. "Oh. Right. I should probably explain why."
"Alright. Fuck it. They're not back yet. I'm heading home." Juno stands up from his seat. It had been three hours after Asuka and Nar had been 'abducted' by Mandi. No one had seen either of the three since then, and most of the partygoers were heading home. As he begins to walk back to the foyer Roy follows, slinging his guitar case over his back. Juno takes one step into the foyer before stopping. Roy walks up beside him and turns his head to look at something Juno seems to be staring at. Nar, and Asuka descend the stairs with Mandi beside them. There are no bodyguards surrounding them now. On top of that he can see Nar trying to fit some sort of large bottle into his coat pocket to no avail. Once they reach the bottom of the stairs Nar and Asuka turn to speak with Mandi for a moment before once again receiving hugs and cheek kisses. Asuka seems to stash a piece of paper into her pocket. Then the two depart, and head back to their bandmates.
Juno and the other two immediately begin to leave. They try to get Roy's attention, but he has once again lapsed into a trance as he simply stares at Mandi. This time she stares back, and approaches. "Well Roy. I suppose It would be rude of me to not at least greet you before you left." She speaks without any care for the stares of the others around them. Roy's response is far less polite. "What did you do to them?" His glare is a mixture of anger, and fear. Mandi raises an eyebrow before asking. "What do you mean?" "My bandmates. What did you tell them to do?" Mandi's eyebrows raise in surprise. "Oh!" A light blush appears over her cheeks. "I thought they were cute, and I wanted to get to know them a little better." Roy almost erupts. "THEY'RE COUSINS!" Mandi is taken aback. "What are you? OH! No! Not that way you pervert!" Roy doesn't seem to believe her. He begins to shout again, but is quickly subdued by a bodyguard, and quickly tossed out of the mini-mansion.
Juno, Nar, and Asuka walk back towards their apartments without Roy. Nar is still trying to fit the bottle he received into his coat pocket. "So what did you guys do up there anyway?" Juno asks. "Oh. We kinda just talked, drank, watched movies, and had to explain to Mandi why a 'make-out session' was a bad idea. Then she gave us her number, and asked us to call her at some point. I don't think i will though." Nar shrugs in response. "Yeah. We sort of just hung out, and things got pretty awkward after the whole 'make-out' thing was brought up." Asuka confirms. "So what about you? You plan on calling her?" Juno's left eyebrow raises. "Maybe." Nar interrupts before any further questions can be asked. "I'm friggin staring!" Asuka is perplexed. "You ate a full meal at the party." "Those were small party foods! I need a real meal!" Juno shakes his head. "Nar. It's 1 AM. What places are going to be open this late?" "Pancake Cabin's open 24/7!" "Eugh. Pancake Cabin? That place is disgusting." Juno protests before Asuka speaks. "I don't know. I could go for some pancakes right about now." Juno sighs. "Alright. Pancake Cabin it is."
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