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Nar Kazunah
by on September 2, 2020
Nar loved to watch the sunset before heading off to bed for the night. It was just nice to be able to take a moment to rest, and relax after a long day of working. Plus, the sunset sky was always quite pretty over Ponyville, and with his vantage point there were no structures to obscure his view. Today's sunset was particularly beautiful, and Nar was more than happy to soak it in.
He probably would have stayed still for the entirety of the sunset if it weren't for one issue. A scream cut short fills Nar's ears. For a moment he considers ignoring it, but something inside the sorcerer forces him to get up and investigate. Nar hops down from a spot on his little bluff onto the road below, and follows it north to where he heard the scream. At first he doesn't see anything, and he likely wouldn't have seen anything at all had he not heard the hushed voice coming from the woods nearby. Nar deviates from the road and hops into the woods to find a scene unfolding.
"H-here. Take it! Please just don't hurt me!" A mare pleads in a hushed cry. She has a basket of fruits by her side, and she appears to be handing her coin purse over to a group of three stallions. "Atta' gurl. You made the right choice." The lead stallion chuckles quietly. "But... I think there's a little something extra you can do for us." The three begin to approach the mare, who backs away, pleading softly.
"Oi! Fuckheads! Back it up!" Nar shouts from the group's east. The four turn. The lead stallion scoffs, and flashes a dagger. "Scram kid. Unless you wanna get hurt." The third stallion (on the left) narrows his eyes for a moment before they open wide. "Awww fuck no! I'm not dying today!" He turns tail, and flees before another word is even said. The second stallion (on the right) shakes his head as he brandishes a shortsword. "Don't be a hero kid. That's how dumbasses like you get killed." The sorcerer steps between the two stallions and their pray. Without another word he rips a chunk of rock out of the ground and slings it into the second stallion, knocking him flat on the floor. The first freezes as his whole body is gripped by intense fear.
The second stallion coughs as he turns over, and attempts to grab his shortsword. The first watches helplessly as Nar approaches the prone stallion, and rips a sizable rock out of the ground. Nar lifts the rock, and the first stallion is certain he plans to crush the second. However, Nar knows better than to outright murder a group of petty thieves. He has a better idea. The rock comes down, but not on the stallion's torso.
The second stallion emits a blood curdling scream, but stops short to pant for breath. His screams of agony continue even as Nar lifts the rock off of his hind legs, and melds it back into the ground. The first stifles a scream as he whips the mare's coin purse over. "Y-you're a fucking monster! Here! Take the money back, and leave me alone!" Nar returns the favor by flicking a pebble at the man's forehead, causing him to cry out and turn tail. The second stallion's screams slowly devolve into violent sobbing with the mare watching in horror. Neither she, nor her rescuer say a word to each other as he soon departs in a hurry.
A pair of guards arrive moments later. One rushes the injured mugger to Ponyville to be treated as the second escorts the mare back to the Ponyville guard house to question her on what had happened.
After reaching his shack Nar begins to wonder if what he had done was a good idea. What if the guards found out who had stepped in to help? Surely the Justiciar soldiers in Ponyville would start searching for him. That was a question that could be answered later. For now Nar was tired. It was time to hit the hay.