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Asuka Yakushi
by on September 25, 2020
//Disclaimer: I did not compose, preform, or publish any of the songs featured in this blog post. The songs are by Anamanaguchi, and Guitar Wolf respectively. After party post to either follow shortly, or be posted tomorrow.
September 25th, 8 PM, Glorian Amphitheater.
The massive club was finally opened for the night. The staff, and owner expected it to be one of their busiest nights in the past few weeks. With the "The Andronaughts" playing they expected creatures from all over to attend for their performance. There was supposed to be another band opening for them. Some local band Mandy Fullbright had vouched for. They had a name, but most of the staff had forgotten who they were. Just another upstart local band that was destined to be completely overshadowed by the main act.
8:55 PM.
The club is at near max capacity, with plenty more attendees trying to get inside. Almost 10,000 creatures filled the massive building with all three of the gigantic bars inside the club having a constant flow of customers. The large arcade on the west end of the club sees no empty machines, and the dance floor was mostly full of creatures mingling. The stage itself (standing nearly 80 feet tall '24 meters') was only lit halfway up, and below. The speakers in the club play your typical club dance music without much interest from the crowd. They weren't here for the club music. They were here to listen to The Andronaughts.
Oh, and whatever crummy band had managed to get the opening spot for the far superior Andronaughts.
8:59 PM.
One of the attendee's ears perk. She's just realized that the music that had been playing had faded out a few seconds ago. Now there was a quiet, but distinct sound in it's place. It sounded like wind, only it sounded slightly bit crushed. Maybe the DJ was having some issues in his booth. The sound slowly increases in volume over the next minute causing other attendees to notice, and comment on the sound. Then, exactly as it hits 9 something else comes through the speakers. It sounds like someone saying "Uh-oh" only, like the wind, bit crushed.
The echo and wind fade, being replaced by a melody of beeps. The lights begin to dim. All eyes gravitate towards the stage. Then, the faint sound of some sort of percussion. It slowly builds up before a sound akin to the starting lights in a racing game chime in. Lights flash in tune with the sounds. Each flash illuminating the top of the stage for a brief moment. Red. Yellow. Yellow. Green. After the lights flash green they turn white, and stay on. The lights reveal two ponies on the stage. One unicorn stallion in an open suit-tie combo wearing a straw hat. He appears to be holding a bass guitar in his magical grasp. The second is a Pegasus mare in a black dress behind a keyboard. She seemed to be the source of the beeps. Another light fades in as a guitar chimes in, revealing another pony. This one is a pegasus stallion wearing a black suit jacket, and white slacks. Shortly after this a final light kicks on revealing a blond earth pony mare in a gothic dress behind the drumset. She begins to sing into a microphone the moment the last light kicks on.
The crowd stares in awe. The combination of energetic chiptune rock, and show of lights stuns them for a moment. Creatures flock to the dance floor, and the club itself seems to roar to life. As the songs vocals conclude and give way to a loud, energetic instrumental segment the crowd lets out an uproarious cheer. This cheer continues well after the band's music is replaced by the bit crushed wind.
As the cheers slowly begin to die down the drummer thrusts her drumsticks into the air, and bellows a savage cry.
She slams her drumsticks together, and another song starts up.
The sudden change in genre causes the cheers to cease momentarily, but they resume as the pegasus guitarist starts to sing. The lights strobe back and forth across the stage, flash, and flicker. Occasionally the lights stop to illuminate the whole band before going back to strobing, flashing, and flickering. Meanwhile on stage the band plays with an energy, and savagery never before seen by many in the crowd. Some thought the band mind end up smashing their instruments before the end of their set.
Despite being behind her drumset Asuka can see nearly the whole club thanks to how high up she is. All of her worries, fears, stress, and doubts are smashed against her drumset until they're nothing. Her mouth alternates between open as if screaming, and an ear to ear grin. Things were going great so far. She winds down slightly as the band finishes their second song. They give the crowd just a few seconds to catch their breath before heading right into the next song.
(May want to turn your volume down just a bit for this one.)
Asuka watches Nar pull away from his mic for a second. Just enough to not be picked up so he can shout "This one's for you Frank!" before going back to shout "Let's go!" They play with a newfound energy, and savagery not dissimilar to how they had played their second song. Asuka can almost hear the roar of the crowd over their music. She wonders if they're playing loud enough, or if they need to play even louder.
A bartender at one of the bars listens as two attendees attempt to converse over the music, and cheers. He can hardly hear a thing, and he assumes the same is true for the participants. He allows himself to chuckle after hearing one of the two shout to the other. "Fuck it! Let's just go get crushed!" He watches as the two finish their drinks, and head off to the dance floor.
Once again things begin to die down with the conclusion of the third song. This time the lights on the stage dim significantly. Jeers emerge from the crowd. At least until they hear the keyboardist playing solo.
When the drumset joins in the jeering subsides, and the crowd prepares itself for the obligatory 'slow song'. The drums stop, leaving the keyboardist alone again.
Then the club explodes with sound as the whole band comes out full force. The lights flash back to full brightness, and a good chunk of the crowd jumps from the sudden blast of noise. The cheering re-starts, and the dance floor becomes a wash of creatures. This time it's the keyboardist doing the singing. The lights occasionally dim as the song slows down every so often, only to flash back on with each explosion of sound from the band. Despite the occasional softening of the song the cheers, and dancing do not diminish. The energy in the club is electrifying, and it's not long before even the creatures in the VIP room find themselves dancing along.
One such creature was a tall, slender unicorn mare with a rather long, flowing red mane. The goddess of Vanhoover herself. Mandy Fullbright, letting the music take her as she danced in front of the others of Vanhoover's entertainment elite. They couldn't judge. Even they found themselves bobbing their heads along with the music. After all, she was the one who had gotten this band the opening act in the first place. If Mandy liked them, they had to be good.
With one last surge the band manages to pump even more energy into the club. Even those still outside could hear the roaring coming from inside.
Then the music stopped, and the lights shut off. Just as suddenly as they had arrived, Attack On Mango was gone, leaving the crowd cheering for an encore that would never come.
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