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Asuka Yakushi
by on September 28, 2020
When Asuka got a call at 7 in the morning she was expecting it to be one of her co-workers, or her cousin calling to tell her he forgot something. Despite the sun not being up yet Asuka found that old habits die hard, and she'd been awake for 2 hours before she had gotten the call. When she picks up her phone she gives the caller an unenthusiastic "Hello?"
"Hey Asuka!" Asuka's heart skipped a beat. This was no mere co-worker, or her dim-witted cousin.
"H-hey Mandy." Asuka clears her throat as quietly as she can.
The voice on the other end could only have come from an angel. "Sooooo... I've got some free time between 10 and 11 today, and I was wondering if you and your cousin would like to come get some brunch with me."
An invitation to dine with the Goddess of Vanhoover herself? Asuka pinches herself. Nope. She's not dreaming.
"S-sure! Sounds great!"
"Great! How does The Sunrise Diner sound?"
"Sounds good to me!"
"Great! I'll see you two there." Asuka's face turns a bright red at the sound of a kiss being blown on the other end. Curse Mandy and her traditions.
Usually Asuka didn't put too much effort into getting ready in the mornings, but that would be different today. Asuka spends nearly 2 hours readying herself today. Half of that was her trying to pick out an outfit that didn't scream 'trashy punk drummer.' Eventually she decides on a slick white cardigan with a pair of denim shorts, and knee length socks. She'd probably have gone with just a pair of jeans if the socks weren't so darn comfy.
Asuka arrives at the diner 2 minutes after 11. As she steps through the front door one of the waiters ushers her to follow him. He leads her through the diner to a small room in the back of the restaurant which appeared to be a sort of 'VIP/party' room with 4 tables, a large window overlooking central park, and tons of memorabilia. Yet despite there being 4 tables in the room Asuka finds only one in use. Sitting at one of the tables, directly across from each other are a mare of immeasurable beauty, and power. A tall, slender unicorn with flawless peach colored fur, a long, shining red mane, eyes that sparkled like the night sky, a face that could stop anyone in their tracks, and an outfit that probably cost more than Asuka spent on rent every year. Then, by contrast the stallion sitting across from her was a postal service delivery driver. The contrast almost made Asuka chuckle. When Asuka approaches the table the two pause their current conversation. The slender figure of Mandy Fullbright lifts her arms/forelegs and exclaims. "Oh Asuka! I'm so glad you made it!" Before she gently places her hooves on Asuka's cheeks, and kisses them both. Asuka attempts to respond, but she fumbles the words in her mouth. Mandy accepts the greeting regardless, and begs Asuka to sit down.
Following a short greeting, and some updates on how things are for everyone the three place their orders. A waiter brings the three a large pot of coffee, and a cup for each of them. The three sip coffee as they hold mundane conversations. Mandy tells them about her most recent photo shoot, and how she's tired of the designers trying to get her to wear unconventional clothing. Asuka talks about getting placed on leave, and Nar tells them about an old man who refused to accept the package he'd ordered express the morning it was delivered. When the food finally arrives the conversation changes.
"Listen. It's great just being able to have food with people who treat me like a normal person. I'm really glad you two could join me today, but I did have another reason for calling you here. Or rather, two." Mandy speaks only after she has fully chewed each bite of food. Mandy turns her head to look at Asuka. She gives her a small, but apologetic smile. "I heard about what happened to your friend. The one you work with. I also heard he's still in the hospital." She reaches underneath the table, and lifts a small package, with a signed envelope attached. "This is for your friend. I heard he's one of your biggest fans. This is from one fan to another." She gives a small wink. "So what is it anyway?" Asuka raises an eyebrow. Is it a signed photo? Some sort of chocolates? Maybe some sort of tickets? "Well. I'm sure your friend is upset he didn't get to see your performance at the Glorian Amphitheater, so I got him a recording of it." Nar nearly spits out his coffee. "Wait, but those don't go on sale for another week!" Mandy giggles, nodding. "Being a popular figure in the city has some perks." Asuka doesn't know how to feel. She wants to thank Mandy, but is too overcome with emotions to even form words. Mandy seems to notice this, and reaches to place a hoof on Asuka's. "Please let your friend know that I hope he gets better soon. I'd love to get to meet him some day." Asuka, now holding back tears simply nods.
The rest of the brunch goes by without a hitch. The mundane conversations return, the three finish their meals, and Mandy manages to pay for all three of them in secret, despite the protests from the others. As The three finish their last cups of coffee, and prepare to leave Mandy asks Nar to follow her for a moment. The stallion seems both confused, and slightly frightened, but follows the tall mare anyways. Mandy leads him behind a small partition. Asuka can see Nar's hat poke out from over the partition, with Mandy's head in full view. She appears to say something before leaning down for a few seconds. Shortly afterwards Mandy emerges, and wishes Asuka the best of luck before hurriedly trotting out to a waiting car. Wait a second. Had Mandy's face seemed a little more red than before? Only after Mandy's car has pulled away does Nar emerge. He's more confused than ever, but his cheeks are rosy, and Asuka swears something is on his lips. When it hits her she simply grins.
The two exit the restaurant, and say their goodbyes. Just as Nar starts to climb back into his truck Asuka begins to sing. "Nar and Mandy sitting in a tree." Nar turns to give her a death glare. "K-i-s-s-i-n-g." She laughs audibly before saying "See you later nerd." Time to head home, and text Gray about this.
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