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by on October 28, 2020
We didn't know how far we would go...
How far we would go to hurt someone. We were not but kids and yet we tore the life from a normal creature. Someone who didn't have anything to do with it all.
We went far for the... UPHEAVAL PROCESS.
It was the dead of night in 1809. Crickets sing their crude yet reasonable mating call and the air would fill with fog. The thick fog would cover the abduction. They would drag a man with a rope tied to his legs. A group of various creatures that would have black cloaks and white symbols on their body. The stallion would scream but their screams were futile for no one was there to listen but the animals which ran from the crowd. The crowd of what looked like members of a cult would bring them so far. Far and further away from the stallions home. A blue stallion. A family man. Taken and no one else left alive.
Random as it may seem, it would shine in the grand scheme of it all. Dragged through what seemed like hell as the cultists would sing their dark song. "Mors Tamen Conclamatus Immortalis. Metus Intus Subpuro." Their song continued to echo through the forests as they would venture through a hidden path. A cave is so small that they went in one at a time. Just to find a well-lit cave with 20 others inside. The mane would be dragged into the middle where dried blood laid. The macabre cave would light as skulls and skeletons would lighten the way. Evil festered the halls of the grand ceremony but there were more to be had.
The man would be tied down with shackles attached to the ground as a tall stallion would come out with what looked like a fancy large chalice. Laced with gold and silver, the chalice would have a black quivering liquid deep inside. The chalice featured a gruesome spike at the bottom. They would chant about the old gods and how it was time to topple them with an evil so grand. As their song resonated with the cave, the fire would almost chime in with the song. The passion that was put on display would disturb even those who never feared the dark as the chalice would lower towards the man's stomach. The cries of the man would echo but drowned out by the song they used.
The chalice would plunge into the man's belly as he screamed in immense pain as the liquid would move into his body. He would twitch and quiver. The liquid never overflowed and every drop would enter the man's body until the chalice was empty. Overtaking his blood and his spirit everything but his heart. It would stop just before his heart as he would cry for help. The bag that was over his head would soak in the black liquid and then his body would stop moving. This would shock the cultists. It was supposed to work! He was supposed to come. The Indecorous Liar.
The tall stallion would kick the chalice across the room as he would turn from the body. "Get it out of my sight!" He said viciously. Black veins would grow on the still chains as they would break. The man would get up from his seemingly eternal slumber. He would get up as his back would start to extend and his legs would break with disturbed snaps. His appendages would get large and his hooves split from the flesh to create claws. The other members would seemingly back up from the monster that was being made. They were in complete awe or perhaps frozen in fear. The blue stallions fur would fall off quickly till he was nearly completely furless. Their creature would have their spine pop from their weak skin and their legs would bend in strange ways. The skin would start to turn black as the night unnaturally. His bones were visible as his skin was becoming tight and leathery.
The black liquid would start to encompass his entire body like a veiny disgusting infection. His bones were mangled to where he would turn into a bipedal giant. Even his skull would expand in size. His face would split in a wavy "s" shape. One eye would pop out from the skin to look at the man's attackers as he would slowly stumble forward. The tall stallion would stumble back in complete shock. "Good lord. What have we done?!" The monster would grasp his face as the man's body would shrivel slowly into a husk. Nothing but skin and bones. The monster dropped him as he looked at the other creatures. Another eye would come out. The cultists would start to make their way out of the cave in sheer disturbing fear.
"The monster would watch them as his body would slowly disappear from the naked eye. The monster was never seen again. Some people fear the monster that was made. The cultists of old named it "The Indecorous Liar" It haunts these lands. That my children are the story of the Upheaval Process. " Said the old stallion. He would tell the story of his ventures to his grandchildren. A story stuck in time. He would close the book and set it aside as he looked at his small children then said. " It is time for bed. Go hit the hay!" He said as the two kids groan as they would tread off to bed. The man would sigh as he would lay in his chair. The old man would turn off the lights. "Time For....-" He would look up. Dumbfounded.
Eyes and arms would circle him. "No... NO!" A claw would grasp his face as his very being was sucked out from his body. He was gone. Never to be heard of again.
Never to mention... THE UPHEAVAL PROCESS again.
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