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by on October 28, 2020
Flam, Being the often busy pony that he was, did not often have the luxury to tour his own park. The great Las Pegasus resort, he barely knew his way around after inheriting it from Gladmane. it was a shame too, as ponies left and right seemed to have so much fun. He sighed, looking down upon his park, before returning to his work, signing documents and reading transcripts about his more troublesome employees. it was all so tiresome and a bit irritating. he wanted to have fun again, go out, and do what he was born to do! To sell cheaply made products for ten times their worth!. he stood up. Well, if anypony knew how to improve this park, it was him! although he wasn't mechanically inclined like his brother, he had a far bigger business sense, and knew exactly where to cut corners! He began to trot towards the park, leaving his overseers office vacant.
He trotted among the crowd, various ponies chatting here and there, generally enjoying their time at the park. he began to jot some notes down. yep, just gonna cut some of that sugar out of the cotton candy, don't think anypony will notice, maybe adding apple flavor will help too." he continued to look about. "A Water shooting game? Hm, maybe if we added a small hole to the bottom of each pillar, we could make sure it is especially hard for anypony to win." he commented, "and..." he turned to see a golden colored gate which led to a rather dark attraction. "Whats this?" he asked, glancing about it. There was caution tape. "Unsafe, do not enter." it said as the sides of the gate had small golden Gladmane statues staring down upon him. Upon the perches of the gate. he read the attraction name. "Gladmane's Wild Tour." it stated as clear as day upon the gate. Flam Shrugged. "The word unsafe can be exaggerated, why don't I just take down this tape here..." he said starting to take it down, when he had the strangest feeling of someone watching him. he turned around to see a mare and her young colt watching him. He seemed to be a little nervous. "Don't worry madame! I am just... ah, Checking this ride to make sure it is safe! um, these, tapes are just in my way from getting in!" he said with a nod. the mare and her colt looked at him disbelievingly. he sighed. he had to go in this place. he tore down the tape, and the two continued to stare at him, trying to tell if he was telling the truth. "tell you what, you two just stay here for a bit, i will be right back, and you will be the FIRST to ride... um... Gladmanes wild tour!" he said. "You hear that momma! we will be the FIRST!"
"Um, Yes! for no charge at all!" he said with a nod.
he grumbles under his breath, now HE had to ride it. the mother would tell everypony what a bad place this was if he didn't, and he needed to get his reputation back up if he wanted to put in all those other changes. he took a gulp and entered the Que line he noticed that it was completely dark. "Of course, Gladmane must have cut power from this part of the park to save money. Though I will admit its a lot of wasted real estate. I wonder why he never took it down..." he said, and he stepped over various litter and garbage. Mice skittered across the floor, likely fighting over the chip bags and crumbs littered all over the place. Flam scrunched his nose. "Celestia, at least he would have cleaned the place up." the haze of dust seemed to be ever-present as he approached the fuse box. he coughed slightly, the dust getting in his oh so fragile lungs. He flicked the lever to turn on power for the ride, A sudden figure caught his eye, and his heart stopped for a breif moment, before looking at it closer. It was a cardboard cut out of Gladmane quoting some cheesy line. The loudspeakers came on full blast. "Remember Ev- Everypony, Gladmane is Everypony's Fr-Freind!" Flam frowned. "We should fix that stuttering..." he started. "Or not, i mean honestly, it may be better that way, the old goon."
he began to Trot about the lobby area, noticing various Gladmane memorabilia, Music awards most predominantly. "Gold records huh? don't mind if I..." he started, reaching out to take one. Suddenly he heard something behind him. "Now boy, Didn't your momma tell you to not go around takin' other ponies stuff?" A familiar voice said from behind him. Flam stood still. he knew exactly who it was. "G-Gladmane?" he asked slowly turning around to see the blue coated pony himself, not seeming too pleased "Now, I have been a generous fella, You know, lettin' you run my park and all." he started "And I Hate to see what you plan on doing to my Friends." "We all know they aren't your Friends Gladmane." Flam retorted. "They are your- well my, customers now." he told him. "And you caused them nothing but pain." "and you think puttin' sawdust in their food is gonna make them have any less?" Gladmane asked. "Well, Uh, its a perfectly legal amount let me assure you." Flam defended himself. Gladmane shook his head, his eyes glowing a faint green, one could almost see a faint purple aura coming from it. "Oh goodness me," he said clucking his tongue. "looks like we are gonna have a little problem here Mr.Flimflam. Flam looked toward his chest. It couldn't be-
"The Alicorn Amulet!" Flam exclaimed with surprise. "Oh, this old thing? Don't let it bother you none.We are friends right? And Friends do EVERYTHING I ask of them." Gladmane trotted forward, the aura becoming deeper and deeper as he approached. "W-what do you want Gladmane? The park? Yeah i can give you the park. Or maybe you want my bits! Yes yes! All of them are yours!" Gladmane clucked again. "Friends don't ask much of each other Mr.Flimflam, what kind of friend would I be if I asked that of you? No no, I simply ask that you go on this tour with me." Flam seemed a little confused. "You mean ride this ride?" "That's one way to put it I do suppose." Gladmane replied. "It ain't like there is any other way out of here anyways." He gestured toward the entrance where dark spikes seemed to have blocked that route from him. Flam took a breath. "Fine, just this once." "And that's all I ask of you." Flam took a breath, and slowly and cautiously strapped himself into one of the cars. "Now, have a nice ride now!" Gladmane said, suddenly somehow at the operators podium, and pressing a button. There was a sudden lurch as the mechanical beast that was this ride set into motion, crawling its way into the darkness. Flam gulped, not sure of what was to come.
He was in the dark for quite some time, unsure of what was going on, when suddenly, light came on to his right. Some traditional Appleloosan music began to play, banjos and all. "I, your friend, Gladmane, was born in the humble town of Appleloosa, quite the splendorous place you see, I was young, and business savvy, but my pa wanted me to go into the local Train yard business, being that's the only real job we could do. Thing was, I didn't really like my paw much, and my passion was music, as my cutie mark told me one day after playing some guitar. so I left one night, to head toward Applewood. Flam seemed to be a little bored by this. "No wonder this ride was boarded up." he stated.
the lights would switch to the left, classic rock music played as a diorama was opened revealing a stage. "Turns out i was darn good at it, and I quickly rose to be Applewood's top star. everybody adored me, and I made quite the sum of bits but I was smart, and I wanted to repay all these new friends for helping me along.
to the right a new diagram popped up, with some more classic rock music as overture. "So i founded Las Pegasus using the bits I earned, I hired the best Pegasus architecture firms in Equestria, and this park you are in was born."
Lights flashed to the right, and the music cut. "but there were some ponies that sought to get inn my way. Some unfriendly folk, who sought to make my friends sad, and unhappy." Flam noticed him and his brother, as well as Fluttershy and Applejack as cutouts.
lights flashed again. "And so I trapped one of these unsavory ponies on this ride. no way out." Flam realized his harness was stuck. he tried to release it, but to no avail, he tried to teleport, but his magic didn't work.
"That foolish pony was never able to escape, and while that happened, I managed to Convince his brother to leave this fine city of ours." Flam saw a diorama of Las Pegasus, but with a black pony-shaped silhouette upon the background, making a leap. "I found quite the Lovely mare to make my wife..." a new diorama popped up revealing a cutout of Doctor Marina Bleu, Flams Fiancee and Gladmane inn a wedding ceremony it seemed that the cutouts implied that it was forced.. Flam began to struggle to try to escape. "And Equestria is happy to once again be my friend." he stated, as a cut out of Gladmane, standing triumphantly over the four alicorns, forcing them to bow before him using foreign magic. "I use my power to get rid of all those unsavory types. and if you are on this ride here, you know that you are one of them." Flam tries to struggle and break free of the harness put down upon him but to no avail. "So, I hope you did have a nice time while it lasted." he started, suddenly, Flam saw a mass of fire and flames in front of him, a massive furnace, gaped open, ready to set fire to his roller coaster, and likely to him as well. he tried to break free, but to no avail once again. "Goodbye Mr. Flimflam." the intercom stated. Flam screamed desperately, trying to break free as the heat consumed him.
Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and Flam suddenly woke up in his office. "FLAM!" Leslie, his trusty secratary exclaimed angrily. "yeah, yeah i am awake!" he exclaimed, still shaken up. "You have been asleep fer 2 hours! Sweet Celestia! ye need ta take betta care of yerself!" she sighed. "I need tha 504s signed pronto. tha inspectors gonne be 'ere en 2 days." Flam nodded. "yeah yeah." he said. Leslie looked at him suspiciously before leaving. Flam sighed, "it was all just a dream." he exasperated as he looked back upon the park. "Gladmane isn't coming back. There is no need to fear that buffoon off a pony. i mean, why would a pony like him want Equestria anyways?" he laughed a little. Before turning back around towards his desk, not noticing the golden gate in the park behind him.