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Minsa Rousain
by on October 30, 2020
Loneliness. It was a subject that Minsa had struggled with for quite some time. Always having family, siblings around, in her younger years it was genuinely difficult for her to find time to be alone. When her father had passed, it had been even harder, trying to provide a solid rock for the family. So many nights she had waited until the others had gone to sleep before going to sit in the field her father had tended to cry. Loneliness wasn’t a concept for her though, even in those moments. Now that her siblings, her mother, had gone off for different opportunities, it was quite real, thick and heady.
Everything comes like a jolt to Minsa’s mind when she wakes. Nightmare night was nearly here, and she hadn’t been able to see her family even once. The time she had set up for them all to carve pumpkins had come and gone without even a single call after the fact to at least catch up that way…In fact, she hadn’t heard much of her family in...weeks. No letters, no calls. Perhaps they were just busy but it hurt still…Surely they wouldn’t just leave her out of the loop, right?
A poignant answer came in the sound of a knock at the thick wooden Burrow door, the sound resounding through the otherwise silent home. Raising off of her mattress, her movements felt slow and soupy as she shuffled across the packed dirt floor. Some part of her mind recognizes that something is off as she makes her way to the door, a sore twinge running up her leg. Minsa wouldn’t have the opportunity to open the door, a letter being slid beneath the frame.
Her careful digits would pick it up, another sore twinge running through her leg as she raises up. Little claws carefully tear at the paper, feeling honestly like nothing was there. Starting to wander towards the kitchen with letter and envelope in paw, Minsa would begin to read.
Or she would if it weren’t all gibberish. Signs and symbols that mean nothing to her, practically scribbles of different colors and sizes.
And yet she inherently knows. Her mother is dead. She has been for the entire month now, the missed call from before being her siblings trying to contact her. Minsa would never see her again...never hear her voice, or feel the warmth of a hug. Her steps fail her, her leg twinging in pain once again, and Minsa lowers herself to the floor as tears begin to fall from her eyes. Mama was gone...Mama was…
Minsa jolts awake, but this time movement no longer felt slow and soupy as her eyes dart about. She wouldn’t focus at first right away, but after a few moments she recognized the wooden beams crossing above her. She was in the Burrow...for half a moment, she felt a sense of relief. That relief was dashed as confusion and fear began to overtake. Feeling the solid slab below her, she realized she was laying upon the kitchen table. When had she gotten there? Last she remembered was…
Being chased. A voice that chilled her soul. A smell of death and decay.
Her leg twinged again, her ankle slowly throbbing as Minsa was reminded of her injury. Knowing she couldn’t just keep laying there upon the table, she’d start to sit up. She’d barely reach a 45 degree angle before she felt five cold points press upon her chest, sharp and unyielding. A shuddering breath would rush out of her as pink eyes attempted to focus on what those points were attached to.
She could barely make out the outline of the figure, a creature quite insistent on staying hidden. Shadows seemed to push and lick at the lights around the room, making Minsa’s attempt to see even more futile. Her back pressing to the wooden table once again, the claws would still not be pulled away. It didn’t want her running.
Another set of claws would begin to investigate her feet and ankles. There’d be a deep sort of laugh, the wooden beams of the burrow groaning as if they too were trying to escape away from the source of the sound. As it grabbed at her sprained ankle, Minsa would whimper and yelp, trying to pull away. It’s grip only grew tighter, the claws splayed on her chest pointing further, small cuts being made in the fabric of her dress and in the flesh below. Unseen, Minsa could feel the warm welling of blood, smell the spilling iron.
The beast could too. A low, strong breath would be drawn in, the wind seeming to howl outside in tandem. A third set of claws would take hold of her uninjured ankle, and the voice would come forth once again.
The claws would sharpen, her foot being pulled and manipulated to lay flat. The initial cut was shocking. Minsa almost didn’t even feel it begin. The sound of her own blood pattering across the wooden surface and pooling to the floor below made her ears twitch. Her heart was thundering in fear, breaths rapid and lacking oxygen. The beast would saw with its claws through the pale flesh, revealing muscles, tendons, and bones beneath. With the same precise motions, it would saw through, tendons popping away from her bones.
Screams would fall from her lips with ease, fighting to be heard from outside the Burrow, cut off by the wind. Screams slide and shift between crying out in pain, and begging for forgiveness, for peace and mercy. There was no mercy to be found as Minsa’s vision swam once again, the searing pain turning so many of her words into jelly. As the final sinews were cut, releasing the Beast’s trophy from her body, Minsa finally finds mercy in unconsciousness. Lost before the Beast continued to vivisect her limbs from her body.
As her mind drifts to a place it can’t wake up from, a thought occurs.
Who will tell her family about her?
Zerathur A. Naszberuk
Good Khas, this is beautiful. Kind of reminds me of the good ol' times of horror roleplays, Khas do I miss 'em.
Minsa Rousain
Ahhh you really like it???? Thank you so much!! I've actually never really gotten into horror writing before this little threads of story
Zerathur A. Naszberuk
Well, you clearly have a knack for it then! Like, really, this is truly astounding, definitely applaud worthy.
Minsa Rousain
Thank you so so much! I'm so honored you think so!!!
Barry "The Bosshog" Bolangas