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Prince Artemis
by on November 3, 2020
In an unmarked location within the Region of Equestria laid an old temple. A temple that wasn't seen or discovered on any map of the new age. One that was hidden with ancient magics and powerful curses. This temple was one of the old ages. It's architecture of carvings and stone showing it's lush history. It's rich history decaying as each century passed. A temple that housed something of value within it. Something of worth. Something that was worth more then any amount of bit, any amount of knowledge, any amount of power. For within this temple, was a crypt. A crypt that was only visited once every three years. A crypt visited by only two. The only two that could know where this burial place was. The current Princes of Sun and Moon. For within this crypt was the resting place of their parents. The ancient rest of King Astra and Queen Haru.
On this day, only one Prince was visiting. Visiting for the first time, by himself. No Brother to be at his side. No Brother there to ease him in the view of the two stone coffins. No, it was just one Prince. The only Main Prince in rule of the whole region as circumstances of chosen. Prince Artemis was a silent soul as he was standing over the coffins. His gaze seemed to switch between the two as well as over the whole temple. It was a miracle the place was as it was. Beautiful and peaceful. Wonderful scents of flowers surrounding the insides of the walls. It was always like this. Ever since his Mother was put to rest here first. He remembered asking his Father who it was that brought the scents. All his father could say was 'The gods are gifting your mother a peaceful rest". Was such a phrasing even true tho? Artemis was always suspicious. Even now. But of course, it wouldn't make sense for others to be here placing scents. It might be best to not question it. So Artemis wouldn't think on it much longer as he looked over his Mother's rest. She truly was a mare to set examples for all mares. One with a rebellious spirit. One that never stuck with the rules for too long. A mare that was daring and would always strive to do right, even if that meant bending the rules. Such personalities Artemis saw in himself at times. One that defies what others say if he does not see eye to eye. One willing to bend or even break. But...his mother made it seem so easy. Perhaps it was because of her true nature. A mare with flaws that went unnoticed. Unseen due to the light she shown every day she breathed. A mare with a pure view of the world. There was never a wrong that couldn't be righted. That was the mindset of the past Queen. For all that was evil, could be turned to pure. A mindset that was far from the opposite of her Husband, Artemis' Father.
The Father. King Astra. The Father that Artemis never got the opportunity to look to as a Father. A stallion that was born a leader. Bred to be a ruler. A dominant power. For in the king's eyes? Rules and guidelines were gospel. Laws and discipline were sacred. For the King had a dark ability. His gift. A master of the dark arts. An understanding of untapped potential in the ways of Dark Magic. Wisdom in the ways of using it. Teaching and lessons that perhaps Artemis himself will never get close to achieving in his own life time. The Queen was bred in way of Light magic. Pure and easygoing. But the King? Strict and Fierce. Perhaps Artemis also had this as well. A being of the Dark himself? There was never a time he didn't strive for dominance and control. Even if it was only for his benefit....Perhaps that Father already knew Artemis would grow to be like this? Maybe a premonition given by wizards, explaining the path Artemis would fall to. It was maybe this that caused the Father to shift affection towards Solaris. Focus on teaching, sculpting, building Solaris up as a true ruler. A stallion with a pure heart, but one that shows discipline. The best of both the King and Queen. And all that was left for Artemis? A side role. A support role. Artemis to his Father? All Artemis could see, was that he was merely an annoyance to his Father. Was this true however? It didn't matter. For what did matter was the effect. The outcome. Artemis could never see his Father as a Father. A ruler? Yes. A great king? Yes. A powerful show of leadership and commitment? Of course. But never Father.
Artemis seemed to notice his breath slowing. The more he relived these thoughts? The more nervous he got. He was now in a position he thought he wanted for years. A true ruler. No longer a side character. A leader and image. But...what he thought he wanted then compared to now? Now all that he could think was how unready he still felt. How useless he still felt. Months he has taken to the new role. He's prepped and carved a path for Equestria. Sculpting it for a better future. A future where highers don't look down on lowers. A society to be proud of....But...but then came the worry? When will it happen that the Prince craves more power? What happens when his urges of darkness start to make decisions for him? What happens when he decides to do more for HIS own benefit. These worries would continue to crowd the mind of the Prince. And they stayed. Stayed during his overdue visit with his parents...