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Lucky clover
by on February 20, 2021
It was a bright winter day , everypony was always busy to get somewhere in a hurry on time like work or a doctor's appointment, manehattan was always chaotic but it's a wonderful full place to make your dreams happen like that rarity girl who opened up a beautiqe called " rarity for you " . But all dreams come at a price especially for this colt who wanted to make it big in the filming industry .
" in a movie room five ponies were watching a documentary made by a lousy filmmaker named " filmer " .
Mr produce : how much more is there ?
Buser: another five minutes
Mr produce : lights up
" filmer was nerves that this was going to be another failure, but he had one trick up his sleeve that could change his reputation for the better "
Mr big saler : this is was we get for our 40 grand filmer , another one your safari documentaries
Filmer : come on guys you know the deal , we have to wait until my actress molly can get her teeth fixed so she can look her best
Mr produce : it not about the deal its about the money
Filmer : dont worry my crew will be ready once we get them on the ship
Mr produce : what ship ?
Filmer : the one we hired to get the location
Mr produce : what location, filmer your suppose to be shooting on our say so
" Mr filmer stands up and walks to the centre of the room "
Filmer : guys I know but trust me I got an impressive filming location you'll ever see I have a map , a map that leads to an uncharted island that exists only a myth until now
Mr produce : whow filmer slow down
Mr big time : is he asking for more money?
Mr big saler : he's asking us to fund a wild goose chase
Filmer : I'm talking about a primitive world never before seen by ponies , a land with an extraordinary civilisation, its the spectacular thing you've ever seen ..... that's where I'll shoot my film
Mr big time : will there be mares ?
" filmer looked puzzled when he said that "
Filmer : mares ?
Mr big time : in my experience ponies only go to these movies to see dancing mares
" Filmer was frustrated "
Filmer : what are you an idiot? You think they ask film maker to waste his time on nudy shots NO they respected the film maker and SHOWED SOME CLASS , not that you know what it means you cheep low life
" The bosses where looking at each other and both nodded "
Mr produce : could you step outside for a moment please
" filmer when outside angry and waiting outside was his assistant waiter looking dissapointed thinking they had another failure "
Filmer whispers : give me that quick !
" Waiter handed him a glass of water "
Waiter : you would like it it's not alcoholic
" Filmer throws the water in a plant pot and puts it against the door so he can esedrop on his bosses "
Mr produce : I know that filmer hasn't had the best of luck but has had alot of ... near success
Mr big saler : are you kidding me this guys a turd , washed up and all over town .... this loser is gonna bankrupt us
Mr produce : but the animal footage has value
Mr big time : sure.... its universal for stock footage
Mr big saler : fine , sell it scrape the movie .... we gotta retrieve something form this argument
Mr produce to buser : bring him back in
Buser : Mr filmer
" buser was looking around but I sames like filmer and his assistant were gone . Outside the building filmer and his assistant where headed to the train station "
Waiter : you know this isn't going to work right we have no money
Filmer : which is why I got you you waiter
Waiter : but it's not gonna work its unafficle
Filmer : what are the gonna do sue me ?
Waiter : we have no bits on us and infact was have no type of currency on us
" filmer spots his bosses trying to find him and immediately pushes waiter in the train "
Filmer : come on
Waiter : who's gonna pay for the ship ?
" Mr big time tries to catch up to them but it's to late , the train doors close and its off to canterlot "
Mr big time yells : YOUR FINISHED FILMER
Filmer : see what did I tell you waiter .... really good at craping the crappers
" They arrive in canterlot where hoping that princess twilight has thought about there deal about borrowing her military to use as protection on the island "
Filmer : I'll go talk to twilight and you'll go set up an appointment with that survivalist expert lucky clover or whatever his name is
Waiter : will do but how are we going to get the money for the ship ?
Filmer : dont worry I got that covered ....... I won't expect defeat
End of chapter one