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Lucky clover
by on February 22, 2021
After escaping manehattan filmer had to get to get to that island so he could finally get that reputation he always wanted. While in canterlot he made his way to the royal palace so he could tell princess twilight his new plan.
" filmer was stopped by a royal guard "
Galas : do you have an appointment with princess twilight?
Filmer : as a matter of fact I do
" filmer pulls out a note from the princess herself explaining he is allowed inside the castle "
Galas : right this way sir
" Twilight was talking to spike when galas showed up with filmer "
Galas : princess, this stallion is here to see you
" Twilight rolled her eyes in annoyance when she saw him for the 7th time "
Twilight : I've thought about it and " uhg " yes you can take one of the royal battle ships for your voyage.....just bring it back in one piece
Filmer : yes thank you your highness....but now I need one thing
" Twilight was now frustrated "
Twilight : now what do you need ?
Filmer : 50 of your military personnel...please
" Twilight was about to scream but she kept her calm
Twilight : why ? I thought you had a crew to use
Filmer : well they had quit since I ran out of money
Twilight : so it's your problem not mine . And my answer is no ..... GUARDS
Filmer WAIT WAIT , theres a civilisation on the island .... and you know what that means right ?
Twilight : what?
Filmer : new friendship , an alliance. That's what you want right ...friendship from beyond equestria?
" Twilight liked the sound of that idea of new friendships, so against her better judgement she said "
Twilight : yes , you can borrow as many of my military personnel you need on your voyage. But in return you'll send me word of that civilisation , are we clear?
Filmer : yes yes and yes thank you your majesty , you won't regret this
Twilight hold up were not done yet , spike will come with you since he the royal friendship ambassador.
Filmer : why not the more the merrier
" filmer was walking in excitement and exited the palace "
Twilight : something tells me I'm going to regret this
" then out of no where galaxy star popped up from behind twilight's throne surprising her almost giving her a heart attack "
Twilight galaxy star you almost gave me a heart attack, what did you say ?
Gal : I wanna go to this island that guy mentioned. It could be fun
Twilight oh no no no Your not going anywhere with him , dont trust him
Gal : but you trusted him with your military and your battleship AAAND making new friends with that civilisation
Twilight : ok good point but I'm not trusting him with your safety
" spike entered the room with a solution to the argument "
Spike : dont worry twilight, I'll look after gal while where on the island
Gal : yea spike can watch over me while on the trip
Twilight was hesitant as first but gal pulled a sad face on her since she knows twilight cant resist it "
Twilight : ok ok , you can go but spike is in charge you hear me
End of part one
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