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Lucky clover
by on March 27, 2021
After three nights at sea they finally arrived at the great skull island, a wall on their side and behind it was a mountain. But there was a problem, the ship had a hole in it and I was wedged against the rock the crew were trying to cover the hole before the basement would be submerged .
Anchor : " how she doing ?
Hayes : " shes taking a pounding "
Anchor : " what about the hole "
Hayes : " it should be an easy fix captain "
Crew member : " CAPTAIN, you better come up quick !
Anchor was wondering what was going on and he soon sees that filmer and others where on a life boat heading towards the island
Hayes : " what me to bring them back " ?
Anchor : " I dont give a damm about filmer , I WANT THIS SHIP READY TO SET SAIL ON THE NEXT HIGH TIDE , where leaving Mr hayes
Filmer and his crew were headed towards a cave entrance that a crew member spotted, gal got spooked at a rock that looked like a face and she held clover's hoof tight. They arrive at the entrance and started their walk up the entrance but as soon as they start walking a terrifying sight was infront of them , skulls a ponies were in this cave lined up to be like a collection but this didn't stop filmer from his
Spike : " hey Mr hayes I was reading this story and I wanted to ask you something, in the story the pony does turn back when he senses danger , why ?
Hayes : " a part of him wants him to my friend but there's another part of him that knows he cant turn back after all he's done to get here , its something we all have inside of us the thrill of adventure at a cost that you might die or get somepony else killed "
Spike : " it's not an adventure story is it Mr hayes "
Hayes : " no spike it's not "
Filmer and his crew arrived to what appears to be a village , the houses where flat square rocks piled up to make a house and all of them where covered in spears but some of the spears had the skeleton of ponies on them. Gal was scared but clover stayed by her side so she wouldn't feel scared , and they found the wall that lumpy was mentioning. It was as he said a hundred foot high
Waiter : " its deserted "
Filmer : " of course it is use your eyes waiter , this place is a ruin , no pony has lived here for hundreds of moons
But then the crew stop when they here the cries of a filly , the crew thought it was a ghost but filmer looked in amazement what when saw a young filly that was just standing there staring at them , she lifted her hoof as if she wanted something
Gal : " Mr filmer I think we should go back "
Filmer : " I'll handle this "
Filmer pulls out half eaten chocolate and offers it to her but she just kept staring at them , it soon started to rain and then filmer grabs her hoof a gives her the chocolate but then she growls and grabs filmer's hand
Sunny : " for twilight's sake filmer leave her alone "
Clover : " she doesn't want the chocolate "
The little filly then bites his hoof and runs to one of the houses, filmer follows but is stopped but an elderly pony guarding the filly. Then the crew realise that their surrounded but mares and elderly looking at them in fear
Filmer : " dont worry it's just a bunch of mares and old folks , there harmless
Then gal looks behind her and sees the soundwave was impaled by a spear , she let's out a scream In terror so loud it could be heard from her to the ship but when she stopped a loud and thundering roar was heard , it was loud of gal's screaming. The elder mare was saying " Kong...Kong " the crew tried to run but they were surrounded by the men of the village, the men grabbed the crew one by one while soundwaves lifeless body fell to the ground, the brought one of the crew members to a rock like table and pushed his head and one of the men grabbed a spiked club and bashed the crew member's head killing him, clover was fighting his way threw so he could get to gal but one of the men hits him in the head and fell unconscious. The elder women was chanting something to gal , filmed was being lead to the table where he would be bashed to but when the pony lifted his club a single gunshot could be heard and the pony went down , it was anchor and the rest of the ships crew coming to their rescue , the islanders soon scattered in fear anchor goes up to filmer and says " seen enough " . It was midnight and the crew were throwing everything of the ship to try and make the ship weightless to get it unstuck, clover wakes up to see that his head was bleeding then he gets up and tries to find gal , waves where kicking up and everyone got wet because of it.
Filmer : " we did it boys , we got some footage and we escaped with our lives "
Waiter : " what about soundwave he didn't get away , he's still there "
Filmer : " soundwave died doing what he believed in he didn't die for nothing and I'll tell you something I'm gonna finish this film for sound , I'll finish it and donate the proceeds to his wife and kids because that pony is a true hero "
Lends : " damm right "
Gal was in her room remembering what that elder pony was saying and unannounced to anypony the islanders knew where they are . One of them started polo vaulting to the ship , he successfully landed on the ship unaware that he dropped his necklace on deck he's purpose was to find gal and bring her back. Clover was stumbling around the ship trying to find gal , he found the necklace of the islander that got on the ship clover soon realised that there hear for her but luckily he found wet hoof prints of the pony and followed the prints , he stumbles to the floor but the made it to gal's room he opened the door and her room was trashed, he run to warn the crew but he slipped on the blood of a crew member but he ignored the body and goes up the stairs. Finally the ship was free from the rock , everypony was cheering that they were leaving but clover was yelling at anchor to turn back " we have to turn back, they've taken gal " , anchor then looks at the wall it was lit up by fire . On the island gal was being dragged to the elder mare and soon realised that this is some kind of ritual sacrifice, back on the ship the crew were getting prepared for a frontal assault on the village to save gal, they got on the boats and set sailed to the village. Gal was being led up to the wall were she could see a beautiful night forest, they tied her front hoofs to a bridge mechanism the islanders cheering and gal was down to the forest floor , she made it down and trying to free her self but something was in the forest running towards her something big . The crew made it to the village firing warning shot that got the villagers spooked and scattered, the thing arrived to gal's side it was a giant gorilla a terrifying one at that , it grabbed gal freeing her from her restraints she let out a scream that clover heard, " behind the wall ". Filmer ran to the walls gates and saw the monster himself , gal fainted and the monster ran back to the woods with gal in his hand but not with out giving a death stare at filmer, clover ran to the walls top but the she was already gone.
Clover : " shes gone!!...filmer was it , you saw something didn't you ?
The crew were ready to head it to the island itself to save gal.
Lends : " what setting do you want the camera to be on ? "
Filmer : " one angle will do just fine "
Spike : " how could I let this happen, I was supposed to look after her oh if any thing happens to her...."
Hayes : " dont worry we'll get her back save , and we'll kill the monster that took her "
Sunny : " 24hrs?
Anchor : " this time tomorrow we'll hall anchor "
The crew journey in to the island with mission , save gal and kill anything that stands in there way.
End of chapter 7