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Lucky clover
by on April 3, 2021
The crew crossed the bridge and headed into the island to save gal, they yell out for her but on response until they hear branches breaking on the right side of the trees. One of the ponies started firing there gun into the noises direction and soon everypony started firing everywhere until hayes told them to stop , the noise started to get closer so hayes lit a flare to see the trees, then a huge creature broke through the trees and was headed towards the ponies. ( the strangest thing was that this creature looked like a dinosaur ) the animal was swinging its head , launching ponies all over the place and swinging its tail lobbing ponies into the trees clover saw waiter struggling to get away from the creature so he ran to him to help him on his hooves, he succeeded but the animal launched clover up to a branch pile. Clover was climbing out of their but the animal soon noticed and was following him , breaking the branch pile ..... the creature was so furious that it released a mighty roar for all the ponies to hear but thankfully hayes got up and shot multiple times at the creature that it collapsed dead on the ground,
Lumpy : " good shooting Mr hayes "
Crew member : " aren't these things supposed to be extinct ? "
Lumpy : " they are now "
Filmer was filming the animal's final breath of life until if passed
Sunny : " what the hell kind place is this ? "
The crew quick got on their hooves and started their mission on finding gal. Gal was being repeatedly going up and down since the creature was running on all fours , it stopped at a throne like rock formation to get a good look at gal , gal was screaming in terror but this made the monster more mad that it was roaring and waving his arm up and down , gal noticed that underneath her was a bone yard full of dead ponies. Fearing that she would be next gal took off her bone necklace and stabbed the monsters fingers causing it to drop and gal on to the bones , the monster heared yelling coming from the crew members this gave gal an opportunity to run but the monster noticed and grabbed gal again and started running from the ponies , the crew followed gal's screams but they lost her , the monster was running and gal was in such shock that she passed out.
End of chapter 8