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Lucky clover
by on April 18, 2021
After the stampede the crew rested near a swamp to tend to the injured
Hayes : " lumpy I need you to do a head count, I wanna know how many injured and how bad "
Lumpy : " injured? Four of us are dead "
Filmer drinks a small bottle of whisky to calm down after seeing his friend get eaten by those savage beasts
Waiter : " it's not your fault , what happened to lends was no ponies fault "
Filmer : " your absolutely right waiter and let me tell you something, lends didn't die for nothing he died believing that there is still some mystery left in this world, damm it waiter we're gonna finish this film for lends we'll finish it and donate the proceeds to his wife and kids "
Waiter then remembers the same words that filmer said when soundwave died
Sunny : " come on we gotta get back to the ship anchor sails in 9 hours "
Spike : " so? We gotta find gal "
Sunny : " did you hear me we're gonna be stranded here , look fellas gal was great mare no question its a terrible loss and we're all gonna miss her "
Clover : " I always knew you we're nothing like that tough guy you play on screen I just didn't think you were a coward "
Sunny : " hey pal hey wake up, actors don't look like me not in the real world, in the real world they have bad teeth, bald spot and a beard gut I'm just an actor with a gun who's lost his motivation, its been real "
Sunny then leaves and with ten ponies following him back
Clover : " I got an idea, get me those branches and some vines "
They made two make shift boats from branches tied together with vines and sailed across the river hoping nothing lives in the water . But then clover was something swimming towards them he thought it was a fish but it crawled up on the boat and saw it was some scorpion thing , it hissed at them and clover bashed it off the boat but others kept coming on the ship but the crew kept kicking them off . The scorpions retreated like something spooked them , it all went quiet but the silence was broken when something violently pushed the second boat the crew went silent as to not draw attention but unannounced to them a huge fin emerged from the water behind the first boat and then pushed the first boat and broke it sending the ponies into the water, the creature let out a roar and dove back in the water one of the crew members was pulled down to to the waters floor because he was strapped to a heavy crate he was carrying and soon clover went down with him. The crew member got him self free but clover noticed the creature was turning back and was rushing towards him clover tried to warn him he couldn't hear him and the creature the gobbled him up , clover saw a cage like tree near him he picked up the crate to keep him from floating up and started running for his life the creature wasn't gonna let him escape it was getting closer closer closer and clover made it inside took off the crate and swam back up. The ponies were helping the others on to their boat
Filmer : " waiter , what ever happens dont let go of the camera
The creature then jumped out of the water like a whale and swallowed a crew member hole, filmer then picked up a gun and started shooting at the creature, filmer was so focused that he ended up shooting the boat when the creature went under it and he broke the boat in half . Now everypony was in the water clover went to help waiter but the creature was swimming towards them but luckily filmer shot the creature in the eye and It escaped quickly, the crew then made it to shore waiter gave the camera to filmer and he soon started to film again, a crew member was walking but to shore when the creature leaped out and got a hold of him and dragged him under the water with him. Filmer was filming the hole thing and lumpy told him " you got that did you? " .
End of chapter 10