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Lucky clover
by on April 25, 2021
Gal opens her eyes to see if he's still there and not to her suprise he is , while the beast was eating bamboo gal crawled to a small hole that lead to what looked like an escape. As she got out she started running but a huge arm blocked her so she ran back to the hole but another arm blocked it , she looked up and saw Kong looking at her with fury gal made a run for it back to the hole but Kong got infront of her. Gal took a few steps back before falling to the ground , Kong started roaring at her like a barking dog and then he stopped to growl at her gal realised that he looked suprised when she fell to the ground so she tried again, Kong was ready for another escape attempt but he was prepared for this gal leaped up and fell on the ground , Kong was shocked but calmed himself down and went to check if she was still alive and to his surprise she was. Gal did it a second time and is was the same reaction but the third time was different it looked like the giant gorilla was laughing? ( gal knew that primates could smart as ponies but she didn't expect him to laugh ) , she decided to do cart wheels to see how he'd react and reacted in anger as if he didn't want to see that she started doing juggling, dancing and using a stick as a cane but Kong wasn't interested but when she was used the stick to balance herself he took the stick which caused her to fall and this made him happy, gal knew the falling would make him happy so she decided to do falling gags but Kong decided to do it himself by picking her up and pushing her. He did this about four times until gal had enough
Gal : " no, I said no "
Kong looked in disappointment and roared at her
Gal : " that's all there Is , there isn't any more "
Kong then slammed his fist on the ground and started roaring at her, he then decided to destroy a rock house that was on the left side and threw it off a cliff he threw one of the rocks on the cliff and he soon then calmed down but the rock came down and fell on his back breaking the rock In two. Gal looked at him in empathy since she realised it was like a tantrum, Kong then left her at the cliff but gal was following him. Clover and the crew where headed to in the direction of where they think gal would be but they heard rustling in the tall grass clover thought it might be gal but lumpy then shoot in the direction of the noise and if fell hard on the ground, clover ran to she if it wasn't gal and to his relief it was only a big flight less bird they shot so they continued on their journey, they arrived at a log like bridge so they crossed it but hayes stopped the crew only to hear growling coming from the cave.
Hayes : " if anything happens I want you to run "
Spike : " I got this, i ain't gonna run "
Hayes : " it's not about being brave spike "
Hayes then checks the cave and growling was coming closer and closer
spike : " I AIN'T GONNA RUN "
Hayes : " get spike outta here "
Clover : " get back get back
Hayes fired multiple shots at the direction of the growling , he was gonna use his hand gun but Kong appeared in the cave charging towards him , have got his gun but Kong snatched him in his hand roaring at the crew to stay back
Hayes : " look at me "
Spike : " LET HIM GO "
Hayes : " you gotta run spike , do as I say and clover is in charge ...... RUNNNNN "
As he yelled Kong threw him against a cliff and hayes fell to his death
Clover : " shoot it "
Spike : " NOOO HAYES "
Kong slammed the log and one of the crew members fell off, gal heard the shooting and ran towards it . Kong then picks up the log and starts turning from left to right until he just decided to throw the log of the cliff, he crew hanging on to the log but waiter got hold on some vines and stayed there but the rest of the crew fell down to a dark and muddy ravine and got knocked out cold on impact to the ground.
End of chapter 11
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