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(Future King) Artemis
by on May 25, 2021
Yep, this is something I haven't done in quite awhile. Me, talking about my writing habits as well as decision towards my Artemis character. This isn't a Lore Expansion or anything Just me writing (technically typing) about my character process. Figured it'd be fun. I'm in a writing mood, and I need to satisfy it. If you were looking for lore or something similar? Sorry, not here. You can go back to scrolling or whatever it is you do.
Here's a fun beginning fact or piece of info. Artemis is specifically written to fit in most universes. I enjoy Rping, I really do. I find it hard to get out of my comfort zones at times, but I enjoy Rping all the same. And because I enjoy Rping, I never wanted to limit myself in what universes to be part of. Artemis' main Canon is the Castle Universe. All action there or related to it? Canon. But I like to write Artemis in a way that helps me enjoy Rps with others in different universes. I've jokingly said before that Artemis is the best Ruler of any of your universes. Obviously a joke of Ego, but I mean some truth to it. I like to find ways to keep Artemis character natural in adapting to any Rp based world. It's more fun this way. And doesn't take the fun out of Rping for me.
Shall I discuss 'comedy'? I don't find myself a funny person, but I find humor in carefree personality. I try to write Artemis with the personality that acts on whims, interest, and curiosity. He's a serious character that should never be taken serious. Artemis is what I've always wanted to be personality wise. Doing things or saying things based on interest, not really giving too much thought on feeling or opinions of others. That might sound cold hearted, but in reality? I believe it shows Artemis as a character with obvious flaws. He's not even close to being a normal pony. He ain't nowhere near perfect. He's an all powerful Alicorn, with enough strength to rule a nation by force. But that's not fun to write or Rp with now is it? It's more exciting to have a character that makes rash, and stupid decisions. Not a single care.
It's Moral time now. What in the world is Artemis' Moral? Well...that's up for interpretation. Is Artemis a good individual? Maybe. Is he an evil individual? Possibly. Is he wise, courageous, caring, self centered, egotistical, ect, ect? All of the above? Who knows. That's for anyone that Rps with him to decide. It's really up to the Rper. I don't try to make Artemis out to be Good or Evil. I leave it up for others to decide that. He has his goals, his dreams, and his intentions. What all those are? Some may agree and some may disagree. That's just life for him. And it makes for delicious conversation.
At the end of the day? I'm just making a fun character? Does Artemis have some cringe moments? Cringe writing put into him at times? OH yeah. Definitely. But I find him a fun character. It really has been the most fun I've ever had taking a Genderbend and molding him into his own. If I can go through Rping without being compared to others that have the same character? Then I know I must be doing something right. He may not be an actual OC, but I like to believe the character steps and traits are where originality lies. He's just really fun to be. And it's always great to find others with the chemistry to bounce off his unique mindset. Anyways that's enough writing. I've had my fill.
Silver Shield
A good read, it's a pleasure to peek into the thoughts of others.
Lesa Castle
I should do something like this, but I haven't felt a writing mood for a while. Mainly writing up big stories. My mind is always brainstorming though. xD Then he has his wife to deal with when he makes those stupid mistakes. ;3 She loves him though.