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Reinhardt Crone
by on May 26, 2021
Warning! This highlights the criminal origin of Sid Michaels and the origin of his wicked art. It features described crime scenes, blood, minor gore, and most importantly Death. So please avert your virgin eyes if that is something you would not want to delve into!
1977, A wicked experiment on children and adults was conducted to make potentially superhuman people under the guise of a hospital. This hospital was named Sunny Paradise general hospital. This was where it all started and ended. Sid Michaels was born exactly at noon with a cute face. He would stay there for two years for monthly checkups and unbeknownst to the family, this would spawn hell. According to Sid, They would oftentimes take babies and experiment with their fragile bodies. Just to see if they would grow up wicked. Sid Michaels grew up in Los Pegasus with a family of Mom, Dad and, Brother. He would go to a school that would be the ground zero to Sid's WRATH. He was the center of attention and often seen as one of the popular bunch. Except for one kid who would frequently make it hard for Sid to function. Abuse by the miscreant would highlight Sid's vengeful spirit. One year later, the boy was found missing after what seemed like a vicious attack. It seemed that his eyelids were stapled shut and nails scattered his entire body. His lips were cut clean off and his head scalped. This gruesome sight was one of many for Sid but never was he convicted of any crime. Not even suspected as his school life would continue.
Sid would get into art and even doll making when he was at the age of fourteen. This would make arise to a very famous picture named "Death". A picture of an unusually pink doll with its eyes and mouth sewn shut. It had hair parted to the side and shaved on the other. This unique picture was later sold to those who kept mementos of potentially dangerous people. He has a museum named "Sinners Heaven". It would highlight the years of killer mementos and their history. They even helped us with this short documentary and look into Sid's life.
Sid would eventually grow up and move to Manehatten, where he would enjoy the street life. He would eventually be freer to murder as fewer people knew of each other. This would strike up a series of gruesome but sloppy murders of artistic intent. This would spark media and police attention as they would follow the soon-to-be immortalized Sid. He would enter houses at night and torture people until they died. In 2000, he would make one of his first "masterpieces" as he called it. It was named "The Doll Maker". It featured hanging body parts sewn together to make a very large person. This unique take on murder would shock investigators and even make some quit in fear of their families. This would make rise to a doll that would be frequent in sid's "Art".
This doll would eventually become the costume the murder would live in and die in. It is said that those who wear the costume possess anyone to become the faithful "Death". This rumor and myth would strike fear amongst many in the future. Many copycats in the future would take a rise. Amy Shulziker, Jennifer Otz, Genna Mary, and now a new killer found their way in.
Do not open your doors for strangers and keep doors or windows locked. Do not accept gifts and or accept anyone who may claim to be a puppet master. They are highly dangerous and WILL hurt you.
Next time we will delve into the Supernatural. The mark that Sid left would scar people to this day and believe even the most outrageous things.